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Topic: How do resists work?

How do the resists work in this game? How much damage reduction do I get if I increase my resist by 5-10%?

Re: How do resists work?

You have 4 areas of resistances.

  • Thermal

  • Seismic

  • Kinetic

  • Chemical

Each of these will have a "Points" value and the points converts into a percentage.
150 points = 60%
100 points = 50%
50 points = 33%

Points / (Points+100) = Resistance.

If you increase a resistance by a % you increase the points (As far as I am aware) so a 50% points increase won't mean a 50% resistance increase.

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Re: How do resists work?

If the +10% resist means that it increases the base points then  for 150 points the resist would go up from 60 to 62.3%, for 10 points (minimum resist) it goes up from 9,1 to 9,9%. This is not realistic, so the mechanism should be something else or thereis no point boosting the lowest resist.

Re: How do resists work?

now im utterly confused...

i think seridur got it wrong.

i had to dig in the beta forums, because i remembered someone posted an image about resists:
Resist diagram

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Re: How do resists work?

I just calculated:

150/(150+100) --> 150+15 (10%)=165 --> 165/(165+100)
   60%                                                              62,3%

I'm quite sure it's not working like this, I just wana know the correct formula

Re: How do resists work?

I've checked: hardeners give points, so that's clear, only robot bonuses are in percentages (5% per level)

Re: How do resists work?

but this bonus applies to points, and... well it's working like this... i know it sucks tongue but this bonus is similar to rep bonus for exmple - with it Ur hards will have stats of named items...

Re: How do resists work?

So, lets talk about survivability for a sec.

Resistance > Armor(Max) > Armor(Repair) > Accum(Max) > Accum(Recharge > Sensor Strength

Did I get that right?  First focus on raising resists to ~60-70%, then raise HP, then Accumulator size (for repairs) and finally sensor strength for E-War defense?  Or would sensor strength be more important than Accum?

I'm thinking that for multiple mob tanking, higher resists are much more useful than higher HP, but for single mob tanking, perhaps higher HP would be better than resists?

Before the flames come out, I am new...mostly trying to build a good all-round combat char and trying to maximize my survivability as much as possible while tossing in some damage as well.