Topic: Economic Changes?

I noticed that there is no one selling ammo or mining charges, then I figured out the price to make it myself and see it is really not worth the effort.  This could be a good niche to help hook people with the game.  Maybe increase the price of the NPC supplied ammo and charges and allow the players to make a small profit from selling these things.  Could help get new people started in manufacturing sooner.  If you are worried about new players not being able to afford ammo, increase the starting amount of cash or make a special ammo for new players that is discounted and good for 20 days after account creation or something like that.

Re: Economic Changes?

Mining charges are atleast currently kept seeded as the market would explode if its chanced to player controlled currently. 

Ammo is already played controlled, the seeded prizes are far higher then the player one.
the demand is higher then the supply and that keeps current prizes up, there is still a healthy market profit to be made for those who want meddle in it.

Re: Economic Changes?

I am doing quite nicely selling ammo and the like actually.......

Who the $#@% is stEvE?

Re: Economic Changes?

Same here. As a newbie I just started to produce ammonition. Its selling good, and I can keep some ammonition for my corp so they don´t have to buy for the high prices on the market.

Probably there are faster ways to make money.
But hey: This is a "Notum Pirates" Slug... It will tear your enemys faster appart than a regular slug. wink And its cheaper, too.