Topic: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

To make the introduction of the new distress beacons a bit more fun, we'll be having a pop-quiz contest!

Be at the Truhold-Markson Alpha terminal, tomorrow (10-21 Friday) at 22:00 server time
(check your local times here).

It doesn't matter what you bring, the contest will be about me dropping field containers with random types of distress beacons, and then asking a question about Perpetuum. The answer will always be a 4-digit code, which you will have to use to open the field container and grab the loot before others do it. Simple as that smile

Join the "Distress Pop-Quiz!" channel and see you tomorrow!

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

I remember these from way back in closed beta, should be pretty awesome.

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

Can I get you to program a browser version of the client overnight so I can play from work? big_smile

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

As these will no doubt be date answers may I suggest that when asking the questions please tell us which format the number should be in. As I can already guess at least 2 of the possible questions and can imagine much Q.Q'ing when people start using a format that you didn't expect..

Early Access date. Official Release date. Etc..

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

Thanks for the warning, I'm well prepared smile

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

If you need some more numbers ....

How many times has Arga walked his dog since moving to his new apartment?


I know, its something everyone already knows by heart, but maybe there's a newbie out there that it would stump! smile

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

3-2-8-5 are all Fibonacci numbers.

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21





Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

21135534 will be the total times if the patern continues.

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

Quiz is good, dropping rewards in containers is not.

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Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

What is the volume of distress beacon? Should I come in sequer or cam is enough?

UPD: I found it on the market. Its volume is 1u.

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

One is 1U, you only need a sequer if you intend to win them all big_smile

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

Go big or go home... Lithus or bust!

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

So, the event is over, I believe around 70-80 people showed up at TM Alpha. Congratulations to all the winners! smile

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Here is the log of the event channel for those who missed it:

[22:00:38] *** The Distress Beacon Pop-Quiz event will start NOW, outside of TM Alpha terminal! Join the "Distress Pop-Quiz!" channel!
[22:00:39] <FreddyZ> *ding dong* 22h
[22:00:47] <Coltaine> what was Britney Spears second Number one single
[22:00:56] <RedKGB> made it
[22:01:17] <Grayswinder> i like that mech
[22:01:19] <Leosky> fu... trollers :x
[22:01:20] <Whys> mancs i want the same arkhe
[22:01:26] <BigTom> Who was Britney Spears?
[22:01:31] <Gertrude Tristian> seriouly...
[22:01:45] <Alexadar> Whats up?
[22:01:55] <Alexadar> What should i do to get some beakons?
[22:02:00] <LLIAXTEP> Other players deploy containers
[22:02:15] <Alexadar> What should i do to participate?
[22:02:28] <Fishu> you need to pay me a free
[22:02:31] <Fishu> fee*
[22:02:31] <Exolona> play wot ?
[22:02:32] <Roxi> Crashed then dc =/
[22:02:35] <FreddyZ> just stand there and touch nothing.. smile)
[22:02:43] <Alexadar> Exo i hate wot
[22:03:08] <Exolona> than just say right answer tongue
[22:03:09] <DEV Zoom> alright, let's start this then
[22:03:15] <The Omen> had my morning coffee
[22:03:21] <The Omen> lets get cracking
[22:03:30] <RedKGB> B the snawer is B
[22:03:35] <DEV Zoom> +C
[22:03:50] <Alexander> Zoom is the ugly looking one.
[22:03:57] <DEV Zoom> i hope everyone is here smile
[22:04:03] <Ville> 1 min
[22:04:10] <Evernigh> their is more coming
[22:04:23] <Ville> some of us had to work this morning
[22:04:27] <Ville> ><
[22:04:37] <RedKGB> got off work early for this smile
[22:04:38] <Lamma Nator> some of us are at work now wink
[22:04:40] <Fishu> Ville I thought you quite the game
[22:04:50] <DEV Zoom> ok i'll tell the rules meanwhile
[22:04:51] <Evernigh> old news fish
[22:04:59] <Mark Zima> looking at this clump I secretly wish for a collision mechanic
[22:05:10] <Kalisto> you are in tellesis main terminal ?
[22:05:18] <The Omen> AOE for 1 minute
[22:05:19] <DEV Zoom> first, i highly suggest you turn off everything but containers in the landmark filters
[22:05:36] <RedKGB> the devs have turned on splash dmg, and are going to explode to kill everyone at once
[22:05:45] <Sincethree> lol
[22:05:47] <DEV Zoom> *grin*
[22:06:00] <Sincethree> Zoom, make TMA beta for 5 min smile?
[22:06:15] <DEV Zoom> sadly i can't smile
[22:06:19] <Sincethree> lies ^^
[22:06:26] <DEV Zoom> so, here's how this will happen:
[22:06:28] <The Omen> won't smile
[22:06:42] <DEV Zoom> i will drop a field container
[22:06:58] <Cobalt> its begun already?
[22:07:01] <DEV Zoom> every container will contain exactly 1 piece of random distress beacon
[22:07:05] <Kaldenines> *** in a box?
[22:07:23] <DEV Zoom> then, i will write a question here
[22:07:38] <DEV Zoom> the answer for the question will always be a 4 digit number
[22:08:02] <Evernigh> are you ackin for some beacon yep yep yep you can be a big pig to oi
[22:08:10] <DEV Zoom> then you have to enter that code into my field container, and grab the loot quickly before others do
[22:08:21] <Fishu> tricky
[22:08:33] <Celebro> spread it out a little
[22:09:05] <DEV Zoom> we will have 14 questions, 7 of them will have normal beacons, and 7 of them officer-type beacons
[22:09:12] <Leosky> DEV ZOom, i know what you have
[22:09:13] <DEV Zoom> randomly picked
[22:09:31] <Schtroumpfette> only 14 hmm
[22:09:33] <Leosky> <3 cargo scaner
[22:09:50] <LLIAXTEP> Can you scan Zooms cargo? smile
[22:09:54] <DEV Zoom> lol big_smile
[22:09:55] <Gertrude Tristian> y
[22:09:55] <Leosky> yes
[22:09:58] <Leosky> big_smile
[22:09:59] <Balfizar> how about u just give everyone here 1 officer beacon fir there trouble
[22:10:03] <DEV Zoom> surprise gone
[22:10:10] <Doom Beamer> maynbe we just pop him
[22:10:15] <Doom Beamer> and loot stuff
[22:10:16] <weirdscience> ^
[22:10:22] <Ville> Guys
[22:10:22] <Exolona> he will drop nothing tongue
[22:10:28] <DEV Zoom> advice: when i put out the container you can already open it, so you can instantly enter the code you know the code
[22:10:28] <Schtroumpfette> yeah give us a beacon because we're here
[22:10:31] <Ville> chill for a second
[22:10:32] <Inda> he not in pvp flag big_smile
[22:10:51] <The Omen> just let this get under way
[22:10:51] <Leosky> <3
[22:10:52] <Cobalt> please quiet let make it so it dont take 3hours please
[22:11:04] <Alexadar> ___
[22:11:09] <Alexadar> Can we begin?
[22:11:12] <urahara> " guy attacks zoom"...guy instagibbed by mecho-god
[22:11:17] <DEV Zoom> i will do a test container now so everyone knows how this will work
[22:11:30] <Ravel> omg...
[22:11:33] <Alexadar> its gone
[22:11:43] <DEV Zoom> and again, don't put out your own containers, i will remove them smile
[22:11:44] <Cobalt> lol
[22:11:49] <Kalisto> stupid I dont understand lol
[22:11:53] <Doom Beamer> and ban em!
[22:12:04] <Medengtoo> and eat them!
[22:12:07] <Marmot> where was the test question tongue
[22:12:08] <Hazif> lol
[22:12:08] <Cobalt> yeah ban the *** plz
[22:12:19] <DEV Zoom> this is mine
[22:12:23] <DEV Zoom> the code is 3333
[22:12:27] <Lucius Marcellus> Date format?
[22:12:34] <LLIAXTEP> What was the question? I crashed sad
[22:12:38] <DEV Zoom> if there is any date i will tell the format
[22:12:44] <Cobalt> i was the first to obtain nothing!
[22:12:46] <DEV Zoom> this was only a test so far
[22:13:02] <Alexadar> MMDD or DDMM?
[22:13:18] <DEV Zoom> mmdd
[22:13:18] <RedKGB> lol
[22:13:27] <DEV Zoom> lovely lightnings big_smile
[22:13:47] <DEV Zoom> ok, let's start this for real
[22:13:51] <Fishu> lol it suits music Im listening to right now
[22:13:54] <Cobalt> one couldnt resist to fecking pop a can
[22:13:59] <Alexadar> How can i remove this annoying practice target from OV
[22:14:08] <LLIAXTEP> you can't
[22:14:17] <Doom Beamer> suffer big_smile
[22:14:42] <DEV Zoom> the first code is:
[22:14:50] <DEV Zoom> The number of raw material types, not including rare materials, with leading zeroes
[22:15:03] <DEV Zoom> and gone smile
[22:15:04] <urahara> -.-
[22:15:12] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0009
[22:15:19] <Evernigh> go Ville
[22:15:23] <MerryJane> grats ville
[22:15:25] <Ville> ^^
[22:15:28] <Alexadar> gz
[22:15:28] <Marmot> \o/
[22:15:31] <Doom Beamer> gz
[22:15:37] <Ville> I play this game too much
[22:15:47] <DEV Zoom> #2
[22:15:55] <DEV Zoom> The base armor HP of a Gropho
[22:16:17] <DEV Zoom> gone smile
[22:16:20] <Exolona> 000.1 sec i late ..........
[22:16:21] <Leosky> o//
[22:16:24] <Leosky> \\o
[22:16:27] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 3825
[22:16:30] <Doom Beamer> g
[22:16:32] <Doom Beamer> z
[22:16:36] <Evernigh> u get tht leo
[22:16:48] <Leosky> peli platoon
[22:16:57] <DEV Zoom> #3
[22:17:05] <DEV Zoom> The number of player-pilotable robots in Perpetuum, with leading zeroes (Mk2 included!)
[22:17:22] <DEV Zoom> that was fast smile
[22:17:31] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0054
[22:17:44] <Fishu> so close sad
[22:17:48] <Alexadar> not so many as we want -_-
[22:17:51] <Cobalt> same close
[22:17:53] <Sincethree> ^
[22:18:04] <socom45> yea double that and e will be happy
[22:18:15] <Alexadar> 1125
[22:18:17] <DEV Zoom> HEY
[22:18:21] <Alexadar> birthday of po
[22:18:25] <Ville> hi
[22:18:29] <Alexadar> im banned?
[22:18:32] <Alexadar> big_smile
[22:18:33] <Iam Abanana> lol
[22:18:34] <DEV Zoom> big_smile
[22:18:42] <Sincethree> owned big_smile
[22:18:43] <DEV Zoom> ok i admit that was too easy.
[22:18:58] <Siddy> Black
[22:18:59] <DEV Zoom> the question would have been The date when Perpetuum officially launched in MMDD format
[22:19:02] <Siddy> adder
[22:19:07] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 1125
[22:19:09] <socom45> lmao
[22:19:13] <Sincethree> owned smile
[22:19:13] <DEV Mancs> facepalm.
[22:19:14] <Doom Beamer> ololol
[22:19:17] <Alexadar> hehe
[22:19:18] <Doom Beamer> ***
[22:19:19] <FreddyZ> haha
[22:19:19] <LLIAXTEP> smile
[22:19:21] <Alexadar> whos your daddy?
[22:19:25] <Ville> hey
[22:19:32] <Ville> he gets +1 for being great
[22:19:35] <Ville> imo
[22:19:48] <DEV Zoom> #5
[22:19:54] <Balfizar> ancup is flaged in tyr omg!
[22:19:57] <DEV Zoom> The Perpetuum launch trailer length in seconds, with leading zeroes
[22:20:21] <Siddy> too short
[22:20:29] <DEV Zoom> and gone
[22:20:29] <Siddy> abaut as long as yours
[22:20:32] <Ville> grats lucuis
[22:20:37] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0183
[22:20:57] <Cobalt> lol in seconds, decimal format lol
[22:21:05] <DEV Zoom> #6
[22:21:06] <Cobalt> i tough minutes/sec
[22:21:14] <DEV Zoom> The largest robot cargo capacity in units, with leading zeroes
[22:21:26] <LLIAXTEP> 0.03sec late sad
[22:21:27] <Doom Beamer> +++++!!
[22:21:28] <Sincethree> I saw it -.-
[22:21:32] <Exolona> me too tongue
[22:21:33] <Gertrude Tristian> fuuuu
[22:21:33] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0240
[22:21:35] <Inda> lol
[22:21:35] <LLIAXTEP> I saw it too
[22:21:38] <Fishu> too easy sad
[22:21:46] <Cobalt> too slow hmm
[22:21:52] <Cobalt> my brain*
[22:22:05] <DEV Zoom> #7
[22:22:08] <Siddy> zoom
[22:22:14] <Siddy> ask how many times i have been banned
[22:22:17] <DEV Zoom> The width of a Perpetuum zone measured in tiles
[22:22:35] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 2048
[22:22:37] <Gorn>  got it^^
[22:22:48] <socom45> nerd
[22:22:52] <socom45> lol
[22:23:04] <FreddyZ> now i know i'm just 'a bit' addicted to this game. some are.. well.. smile
[22:23:17] <DEV Zoom> #8
[22:23:19] <Siddy> i knew that
[22:23:25] <DEV Zoom> The highest maximum of concurrent online players in Perpetuum so far, with leading zeroes
[22:23:42] <IKEA> mine
[22:23:44] <Siddy> 974
[22:23:53] <DEV Zoom> it was 0974 indeed
[22:24:08] <IseeU> -_- seriously what is that ...
[22:24:24] <IKEA> how did I remember that
[22:24:27] <DEV Zoom> #9
[22:24:35] <DEV Zoom> The number of people in the Perpetuum core development team according to the ingame credits, with leading zeroes
[22:24:49] <Siddy> no voulanteers
[22:24:49] <Siddy> ?
[22:24:56] <Siddy> son, im disapoint
[22:24:57] <Jessex> 13
[22:25:03] <DEV Zoom> it was 0013
[22:25:07] <FreddyZ> they're all alts.. smile
[22:25:13] <Jessex> vanguard major
[22:25:33] <DEV Zoom> #10
[22:25:41] <DEV Zoom> The number of Perpetuum developers currently in M2S, with leading zeroes
[22:25:43] <Cobalt> Dev mancs protect us little sheeps from your herd please smile
[22:25:53] <DEV Mancs> doing it with t4+ wink
[22:25:53] <Alexadar> i won
[22:25:54] <Sincethree> I lol'd smile
[22:25:57] <Doom Beamer> lol
[22:25:57] <DEV Zoom> and gone
[22:25:57] <Roxi> fudge
[22:25:58] <Cobalt> noess
[22:25:58] <Fishu> big_smile
[22:25:58] <Gertrude Tristian> So fake xD
[22:26:04] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0000 smile
[22:26:04] <Mark Zima> it became a twitch game sad
[22:26:04] <Sincethree> LIES, ALL OVER THE PLACE
[22:26:06] <Cobalt> too slow i had it
[22:26:11] <Alexadar> second cheat-question was mine
[22:26:15] <Roxi> i tyed 0001, i was wrong!?!?!
[22:26:16] <Leosky> WE DONT THRUST YOU !
[22:26:19] <Siddy> LOADED QUESTIN SIR!
[22:26:22] <Exolona> why not ask CIR instead ? tongue
[22:26:23] <Durrneki> and in HUN? big_smile
[22:26:23] <Siddy> OBJECTION!
[22:26:24] <Roxi> *typed
[22:26:26] <Fishu> propaganda, its good propaganda! big_smile
[22:26:43] <DEV Zoom> #11
[22:26:56] <DEV Zoom> The number in the name of the T2 sensor amplifier
[22:27:08] <LLIAXTEP> 6601 smile
[22:27:12] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 6601
[22:27:18] <LLIAXTEP> Bullz 6601 sensor amplifier smile
[22:27:27] <LLIAXTEP> I won it smile
[22:27:37] <Alexadar> ГЦ Шахтер!)
[22:27:46] <Gertrude Tristian> lliaxtep enjoy your t2 fit xD
[22:27:50] <DEV Zoom> #12
[22:27:58] <DEV Zoom> The number of terminals and outposts on all islands, with leading zeroes
[22:27:59] <LLIAXTEP> t2p
[22:28:19] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0036
[22:28:27] <IseeU> olol !
[22:28:31] <DEV Zoom> 2 to go
[22:28:36] <Cobalt> how the hell did one found this in 2sec
[22:28:46] <Cobalt> you geeks!
[22:28:50] <JoJo McNugget> i guessed it
[22:28:54] <Celebro> total addicts
[22:29:05] <DEV Zoom> #13
[22:29:12] <DEV Zoom> The number of eyes on a Gropho, with leading zeroes
[22:29:19] <Siddy> 5
[22:29:25] <Siddy> 0005
[22:29:26] <FreddyZ> 9..
[22:29:28] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 0007
[22:29:34] <FreddyZ> ;P
[22:29:39] <Alexadar> Siddy NOOOB big_smile
[22:29:54] <DEV Zoom> and the last one
[22:29:54] <DEV Mancs> meh. those guys jammed well. =/
[22:30:08] <Siddy> spoil sport mancs
[22:30:16] <DEV Mancs> big_smile
[22:30:16] <DEV Zoom> #14
[22:30:23] <Leosky> MAJOR !
[22:30:24] <DEV Zoom> The year the Perpetual Energy Renewal Project was launched
[22:30:32] <Siddy> 2011
[22:30:36] <FreddyZ> 2211
[22:30:39] <Siddy> :F
[22:30:51] <DEV Zoom> the answer was 2192
[22:30:51] <Ville> grats lucius
[22:30:57] <Exolona> gg guys
[22:31:01] <DEV Zoom> congratulations to all the winners!
[22:31:01] <Doom Beamer> gg
[22:31:02] <Siddy> mancs
[22:31:03] <RedKGB> gg
[22:31:03] <Hazif> gg
[22:31:05] <Cobalt> gg winners
[22:31:05] <Alexadar> gg
[22:31:07] <Fishu> gg
[22:31:10] <Inda> gg thx big_smile
[22:31:10] <Cobalt> fun event

Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

Event exploited successfully big_smile

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Re: Distress beacon pop-quiz! - 2011-10-21

[22:25:41] <DEV Zoom> The number of Perpetuum developers currently in M2S, with leading zeroes

Key information in bold smile


I was hoping for questions like "Largest 4-digit Fibonacci number" or "Last 4 digits of the speed of light".

OK, so maybe those aren't directly related to perpetuum... or are they!?!?