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im searching for a Beta island, which has:

- no entry fee for harmless miner/pve corp
- no artifical tax on gathered stuff
- possible trading of goods

i offer:

- a possible target for your enemies roaming group
- a possible "scout" for enemies that happen to roam on your island unnoticed
- tax income from using your outposts facilites

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Searching Island access

I can't be sure but contact F-Navy.

Re: Searching Island access

It is called Utopia, special bonus, noralgis can only be harvested by the planter

Re: Searching Island access

Good luck Anni with that, although there are few who would offer NAPs without helping in defense, maybe I could help through my contact but don't expect much protection/ defense from others.

Contact me in game or join public channel cat-pie.


Re: Searching Island access

Well, Initia offers free access to OP and island.
All your conditions are meet Anni. However you have to take care of your own safty.

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