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Topic: Tyrannos Mk2 CT 75%, (updated)

Title says it all...

Gropho Mk2 50%/50% CT - 7mil
Seth Mk2 50%/50% CT  - 6mil
Tyrannos Mk2 50%50% CT - sold

Tyrannos Mk2 75% CT ... mail me an offer .
Mail or Convo me in game.
All CT's located at ICS Main Terminal

Re: Tyrannos Mk2 CT 75%, (updated)

Now have a Tyrannos mk2 75% CT, mail me an offer if interested. The Tyrannos 50% is sold.

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Re: Tyrannos Mk2 CT 75%, (updated)

Sold the Tyrannos  Mk2 75% CT smile

Actually I think everything is sold, cant find any of them among my private storages, lol