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May as well toss us a complete respec with the patch too.  wink

Flame on!  smile

Goffer wrote:

This would lead to massive macro based npc farming (and even the restrictions above would allow sellig of EP)

Norrdec wrote:

This would allow to sell accounts macro/bot farmed to millions of EP.

Selling accounts is against EULA as far as I know.  I'm not the EULA master but I bet a few of you know what you can do to get more NIC and resources that isn't technically against the EULA ...

Macro / Bot farming : Is this not what CIR and PHM do already?  So how would that change anything?

Based off of the http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … dition-ep/ thread, I thought of a way to potentially assist in EP gaining.

This would reward PvE Combat players the most, unless you put the idea into mining and harvesting.

Rare / Very Rare EP Tokens

The game mechanics : Upon destroying npcs there would be a .01% chance for a 100 EP  token to be dropped. 

Values and Circumstances

1.  The token size is .0001 and is unable to be sold.
2.  The token is unable to be traded.
3.  The token would be account / player bound for the can owner for the duration of 1/2 lootable timer.
4.  The token is obtainable from a players npc loot can after the timer in 3 has expired.
5.  The token is always destroyed on player death while in cargo.
6.  The token generation is unaffected by player extension levels or any other bonus.
7.  The token could be used as an incentive to do the special assignments, among other things.

Adjustments to come sooner or later.  lol

Jelan wrote:

Apparently its out of stock atm

Awww!  That explains everything!  tongue 

When will it be in stock?  Who makes it?  Can I make a bulk purchase?  big_smile

Does anyone know a work around for saving the extensions list?  I'm trying to do it and when I load ProFit and attempt to 'Import Extensions' as directed in the guide, it turns out that Perpetuum isn't saving them to the game directory. 

Would they go anywhere else? 

Turns out mine are being saved to c:\windows\sysWOW64 ... what the heck is that about ... anyone know how to change this?


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That's it, I need a module that auto-feeds my guns or adds extra ammo capacity ... or another extension.

This is a great idea!

Jelan wrote:

I want these guys to win Perpetuum, join them!

How may I ask do you win?  Because I've been spamming my 'i win button' and nothings been happening.  sad


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Annihilator wrote:

because T4 has 1.5x the damage per shot, and even a shorter cooldown.

Is that damage multiplier the same for both?  I don't know how to tell, sorry, i'm new. 

I still don't see the problem with having a larger ammo capacity as of yet ...


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I'll make this simple, though I am looking for a good explanation.

t3 (Accolon) :  50 rounds
t4 (Glipher)  :  50 rounds
                      0 difference

t3 (Midon)  :  60 rounds
t4 (Prompt)  :  20 rounds
                     40 difference

Why?  It even has a faster rof (rate of fire)

Ville wrote:

I want aoe ECMs w/ no LOS to fight the blob.

In order for this to be calculated properly, you would need to evenly distribute the E-WAR effects among all the affected.  Where, the less the affected amount, the stronger the effect.  Period. 

Also, it seems odd you could get demobbed more then once.  Technically only the stronger should apply and be the effect; as the stronger one easily overrides the weaker and smaller ones.

I read all of this and have NOT seen one legitimate reason to NOT have LOS (Line Of Sight) on E-WAR. 

It seems the people who are drooling over E-WAR are the ones who probably utilize them the most and consider them OP and therefore loathe the idea that beyond 'Why gropho?  Because Gropho.'  (and Pelistal in general due to missiles) not having a LOS declare that making E-WAR LOS would nerf theiir ability to pull tragic destruction too easy among their targets.

So ... basically ... you're unhappy that someone wants to LOS a unit in an LOS game?  You do realize REMOTE REPAIRERS are LOS also? 

Though I am unsure if Accumulator Transfer is ... (need a check, anyone?)

Just my rant.


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Cassius wrote:

Get rid of all orange NPCs. Period. Dumbest idea ever.

Dunno what you're talking about, is there a video?