Rex Amelius wrote:

Break the Monopoly - Well at least crack it.
1.) Remove Sparks from Beta
2.) Add simple 2-3 second clicky-type activity for Point Accumulation on Successful SAP Defense.

Actually, I like most of the comments in your Sig..

1 Spark in each Alpha, Beta (corp owned only), Gamma

that sounds reasonable, although with the new spread of the Islands (interzone nerf) , I'd make it 1 alpha 2 sparc and give the 3 alpha 1 sparcs as a freebie for the new players.
also I wouldn't go so far as to say corp owned only, if you can dock there you should be able to sparc there.

There are 6 beta islands, 18 terminals (3 public, 15 contested)
1 sparc for beta does not sound like it provides an unreasonable advantage.

To help the monopoly situation make it so you have to actively live there,
Make it so that the saps HAVE to be taken and remove the automatic stability gain for un taken saps.

Owner takes sap, stability goes up
Attacker takes sap stability goes down.
No-one takes sap, stability goes down (probably have an owner bonus of reduced point loss here).

With only 1 sparc over 6 islands/15 contested terminals and no automatic stability gain, it should be much harder to own stations you are not actively living in.

/fireproof suit on

Rage Blackout wrote:

how about you all stop being lazy and fight for some stations or something

Some people like to build sandcastles
Some people are only interested in kicking them over.
Some even appear to like it both ways.....
It's the Devs job to make it enjoyable for enough people in total to play the game so they make money out of it.

Having <insert name of latest power block/Corporation of the moment here> own all the stations waving their epeen all over the place yelling "fight you ***", does not seem to be doing anything for either the game population or the investors pockets.

The suggestion was to make it harder to own more stations than you were prepared to, or didn't have enough members to defend. The game mechanics shouldn't even allow the ability to to own the whole world (well, not without a LOT of effort to keep it).
Cutting the number of sparks (one per alpha/beta/gamma) as had been suggested would go well with it.

How about this.

Keep the current mechanics for station stability up to 40 or 50 %
After that SAPS need to be taken by both owner/defenders and attackers.
Failure to defend or losing a sap will drop stability (add a station owner bonus/fudge factor that UNCONTESTED saps drop stability by only half? their sap value)
set the lock out ability at 60 %

Corporations would retain nominal ownership of undefended stations but would not be able to set lockout.
Won't make much difference to actively defended stations but would make it much harder to keep multiple stations in lock out.

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