I'd just like to say I think the current graphics are excellent.
A quality product that has stood the test of time and still looks good.

That being said, what it does need is scalable fonts.
The current fonts SUCK, I can hardly read them at 1080p. Forget 4K.

The recent graphics update was pretty good too, it does look more attractive.
Well..... except the new mist/fog, that's crap. Please remove it if you can.



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I've had excellent results with WTFast
I'm in Canberra.


reduced in game LAG from 450-600 average down to about 300ms
reduced/removed the random jumps to 1200-8000ms
reduced/removed random rubber banding
reduced (amount and time) of extra lag after teleporting.

still get the occasional micro freeze, but it seems most other people do as well.

It works for me, YMMV


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Looks like both have a valid point.


There is a subtle difference between data and information. Data are the facts or details from which information is derived. Individual pieces of data are rarely useful alone. For data to become information, data needs to be put into context.

Spreadsheet vs On Terrain Testing.
Costs a lot (Time and or Bots) to work out what's going on if you don't do both.

Spreadsheet Data + Fitting Skills = Fit options
Fit options + Tactics = Plan
Hopefully your Plan is better than the oppositions.

If first you don't succeed, try again.
Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle
http://asq.org/learn-about-quality/proj … cycle.html

Thanks for all the effort.


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It's about balance right?
The problem I see is with plates and speed nexus at the same time (fast and un-demobable).
I'd rather change it so you could not fit plates (well, medium ones) and LWF at the same time.
Whats that going to do to the relative speed of the different fits?
Plenty of scope for choices but you have to compromise on something.

plate and nexus
frame and nexus

You only "Have" to fit a nexus if you are solo.
In a group, you won't all have one anyway, and the one that does will be gimped for something.

Probably need to look at full config assault speed vs mechs but at least 100kph+ roams in MK2 Seth's is no longer possible.

Celebro wrote:
Naismith wrote:

At this point re-doing the game engine for better graphics (the least important aspect) would be a better and more productive idea then giving more EP to people who don't want to play your game for more then 1,59 hours in the first place.

There's 5 people posting there, and out of those 5 theres only 1 who actually plays the game anymore.

Right on the money here. I have been saying to update the GUI at least, for the past year or so. Grinding for EP is just a desparate attempt to please a few whiners who never have a clue what a sandbox mmo is all about-
-Inequality creates need and connects people

Actually I think the graphics themselves are still excellent, quite happy with them.
What does need updating desperately is the Font/GUI resolution and scaling.

Oh, and the balance patch... That was an unbelievably poor effort.

Fix those and add some new content, static and dynamic (something like 2/3 PVE 1/3 PVP).
Add some Islands and increase the options for getting onto  and off them.
Finally, Bots and Modules.

Yes it's a big list, I know the EP thing will be a good idea for when we get some population back, but almost any of the above would have been a better first choice for things to fix.

I'll continue to pay subs on all my accounts and hope everything works out.
Thanks for all the effort and thanks for not giving up.


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1. No probes under TP or station.
2. But make them limited time operation, 1 hr or 2 hr.
Would be good if you could see the timer on them (how long before expire) like a teleport/field can timer.

Long enough to be useful but not used as a permanent sentry.
Come back after timer to sneak past it / or catch the guy dropping the next one.


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Means no more undemobable assaults or mechs.

As stated  "for HM." Heavy Mech only.


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Khadia Khan wrote:

make plate not stack with lwf

Wouldn't that be a workable solution (at least initially) for HM.
Not able to fit both or just not working together.

Resist speed fit
Fast and good HP (if you pick correct resists) but demob-able


Plated tank fit.
High HP, Can't demob but slow

Pick one


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Any chance we can get a new DataBase Sync.
The current copy does not seem to have much in common with the Live server.
I'm mainly looking at what EP is spent where, but there must be whole accounts that aren't on there yet.
(don't forget the EP and NIC balance so people can afford to try things out)



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Sounds reasonable.

Not sure how it would be balanced though.
Energy well's were introduced to make Corps work at keeping a Gamma station.

Compared to it's alternatives (cryoperine/energy cells etc)
it's per unit cost is high
It's volume is low.

How much energy/yield are you looking at ?
You don't want to be able to ship in 6 months of energy in 1 masked light bot.
Is it going to be better than just selling it.

The idea certainly fits game lore though.


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Zortarg wrote:

the incubator could spawn noralgis "tumors" in a cerain radius around it.

Altera wrote:

Botting for the win.

Wouldn't the current system with a fixed Noralgis (on the incubator) position be easier to Bot?


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What for ?, plenty of more important things to look at first.
put it on the priority list at 2,000,001

Cargo scanner: If you are transporting something you want hidden, put it in a synsec container.
Good luck with that and not much point making it flagable.

Most of the issues of scanning seem to be at the entry points to pvp islands.
Multi destination TP's on the alpha border are in short supply these days.
If people don't want their scout/squad scanned, wait on the Beta side and shoot them in the face when they try.
If someone wants to scan my castel with LWF and masker on the alpha side, go for it.

Scanning outside an alpha terminal..
I don't think there are too many pvp fit bots with a chassis scanner installed doing the scanning.
Even now it's usually unskilled alts in cheap bots.
What is forcing flag going to achieve? It's not going to stop the scan.

Though I guess there "could" end up being more kill mails.
Will have to ask this guy http://www.perp-kill.net/agent/JetNexus&view=losses if he has any spare bots.

It's just another vet corp dock/undock - TP jump/jump back game, so I guess that is content in a way.
The people who should be using it are the new players to check what other people are using to run missions (or shock horror, pvp with).

Blocker wrote:

I am mostly indifferent to idea of station locking/unlocking, however I would like to see one change in the current mechanics, don't allow probes to be placed within 1000(500?)m of open beta terminals. If anything is going to dissuade new players from using them it's this.

The current mechanic of being allowed to place a probe directly under public beta terminals is ridiculous.

+1 Blocker
Whats the point of having open terminal if the new player cant get to it or even on the Island without being Ganked.

And while we are at it, do something about using probes at the entry TP to lock down use of an Island (Do I log in my MK2 Heavy and tackle bot or not).
I thought probes were to support temporary operations (mining/pvp/transport/missions) not to act as a permenant watch tower.
drop their price to 50k nic and give them a 2-3hr timeout.

If this forces people to use gate scouts

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

More teleports will not fix any of the issues mentioned.  All that will happen is more scouts will be deployed. <3

Well, at least we will have more people playing (you could also sit a plated bot on top of the probe, might get annoying after a while).

If you want to Gank someone on Beta, scan the Epi fields and check them,  roam and hope you run into an artifactor, or at least scout. They should have a chance to get on unnoticed, if they use scouts and probes they also have a chance of mitigating the risk.

Risk vs Reward......

At the moment one guy with the map open can scout all of Nia.
It shouldn't come down to either blue up or pay to be on Beta/Gamma.


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Naismith wrote:

The proposed system places defenders in a position of perpetually grinding their own SAPs regardless if there is opposition or not.

The proposed system encourages people to actually play regularly. not just when when they have to to keep the station.

If you're too lazy to log in, get one of your minions to do it.

With the current population however, some sort of alliance mechanic might be appropriate to at least keep it from going negative during off time zone (alliance member takes it, stays same or goes up a small amount and still drops the loot??).


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Physical LAG ok.

Server LAG all over the place.


Black screen TP LAG
Rubber band and cover the same piece of ground multiple times.
You name it  5k, 10k, 80k. LAG all over the place for everyone.

New Zealand
Russia and also USA

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

What are we going to list the names of corps that have started & died or shrunk over this games history?

CHAOS .. eh hmm ya
should i go on ? tongue

Well you could add CIR to the list.
The number of accounts might be the same but the number of players has shrunk. tongue

Jita wrote:

Alpha industry currently is exponentially more powerful than it was in release and is - in my opinion of course - far too powerful.

You can easily run a high level PvP based corporation just from Alpha reward while commiting to no risk at all and for me that's just broken..

Yes, So where are all those Corporations reaping all the easy rewards...........

I don't think you are trying to solve the right problems.

SunnyJester wrote:

+1. I think people should get free sparks to their gamma stations for defense, that is it.

Sure. 2 or 3 stations on each Gamma, one next to each beta TP would be nice.....

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

^^ i agree with this. 1 STP (gamma only) + 1 blood spark (any where you want)

Or something more suitable to all the population.

1 STP alpha only (blood spark) + 1  any where you want


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Illiathos wrote:
DarkTerror wrote:

Make it so you can only have 1 beta spark.
Make it so that you have to take the sap or the stability goes down.
Make it so that the SAP always drops loot.

Makes it hard for small or less active groups to hold more than 1 station.
You have to be active to keep it.
Non owners are encouraged to roam, looking for sap loot, or even have a go at an out of the way station...

You could have 1 beta spark in green territory and blood spark in red beta territory. The only way locking a corporation to one territory would be to either completely remove sparks (bad) or limit all sparks with bloodspark included to one color faction.

From my other post.

I think up to 3 sparks total is reasonable.
1 Alpha - free (blood spark here)
1 Beta - 5 points
1 Gamma - 10 points
If you can't dock somewhere on Beta/Gamma, you don't get to use it elsewhere,


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Make it so you can only have 1 beta spark.
Make it so that you have to take the sap or the stability goes down.
Make it so that the SAP always drops loot.

Makes it hard for small or less active groups to hold more than 1 station.
You have to be active to keep it.
Non owners are encouraged to roam, looking for sap loot, or even have a go at an out of the way station...

I think up to 3 sparks total is reasonable.

1 Alpha - free (blood spark here)
1 Beta - 5 points
1 Gamma - 10 points

If you can't dock somewhere on Beta/Gamma, you don't get to use it elsewhere,

Amano Terijima wrote:

#3 :

Probes probes everywhere! Probes are awesome, everyone should have one, or ten. But their cost makes them prohibitive to use in quick temporary excursions (at least for the younger smaller groups.). Give the new guys a hand up, make 1 hour expiry probes that are tied to the player that drops them (max 5 per island at a time) and does not require skills to deploy! This can increase the amount of people venturing on to beta and heck even artifacters hitting gamma! And for those with a few extra bucks, we don't mind using the more permanent variety already in place for at home, so hand those kids some toys and send them off into the sand box to kick up dirt!

A million nic or 2 is well worth it if it prevents your mining fleet from
getting a ganking.

I might be wrong but I don't think probes were designed as a permanent tool that allows station
owners to sit on their fundament looking at porn/tv/whatever waiting for the
probe at a TP to go off and let  them know how many mk2's to send out to pvp the noobs.
The fact you are finding it more expensive than having real people guard the
gates is actually worth a chuckle.

If you really want to help the noobs, make the current probes limited to 2 hours. Plenty of time for them to protect their temporary fleet operation and it won't hang around broadcasting who was there.


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Not saying it's the tree's or anything.
but it sure looks like it.

Not much you can do when you can't even target anyone.

Lagmeter without combat trees involved usually sits at about 450


** yes I know I have NPC's displayed in landmarks sad

"To flag in beta you have to demonstrate your willingness to PvP"
Actually, just by being on Beta, you show willingness to PvP.
You don't have to be flagged to be shot at.

" I didn't understand why we're allowed to jump when flagged."
You can jump when flagged because you stay flagged.
The only restrictions are on using mobile TP and extended instability (to reduce gate jump games).
Go ahead, chase them down and kill them.

If they are not flagged and jump out, good job on their part on escaping.
You need to kill them (catch them far enough away from the TP) before they jump.
It is already possible to kill people that jump onto beta in the time between syndicate ending and instability dropping.
(As several people in your alliance with Mk2 heavies have shown.... repeatedly)

What's the problem ? Everyone knows how it works and the same rules apply to everyone.


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How to recreate Broccoli LAG.

Go to test server (supposedly less server load).
undock with DPS combat bot of choice.
find patch of broccoli
target piece of broccoli in center of patch.
start shooting and then circle strafe
watch ingame lag meter increase by about 10x to 20x normal (pingplotter still looks normal)
(400-450 normal ingame - 4000-11000 broccoli factor)
watch position lag/jump.
watch shots start shooting all over the place trying to catch up.
stop and wait a few seconds for it to catch up and start shooting at the right place.
do this with someone else at the same time and watch them teleport/jump around as well.

The point is, I get ingame LAG while 3rd party tools show normal packet loss and ping/response times.