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Topic: Material and Commodity Calculator

(Please let me know if anything isn't working, something is screwy, thing's aren't being calculated right, or I just screwed up royally).

I really love this game, so last night I sat down with several cans of soda, and learned how to do Excel on my own. Thus creating my Material and Commodity spreadsheet.

What it does:

Basically what this spreadsheet does is calculates for you how much profit you can make creating a commodity and selling it per unit, over selling the materials required to make it straight out.

Why Use it?

If you want to be as efficient as possible while doing Industry you need to count every single unit of materials you use when creating something. With this spreadsheet, it will be fast and easy to see just how much NIC you'll be gaining (or losing) by creating a Commodity. (This doesn't include Items (yet)). This way you know which Commodities to focus on, and which to avoid for the current Market.


(You must manually update the spreadsheet as prices fluctuate, and your extensions will create different values, and need to be changed appropriately. DO NOT change values outside of the "Amount,Commodity Sell Price, Sell order Price)

1) Page 1 are the current prices of the Ores, liquids, and Organics. On this page you input what each of the ores are selling for in the "Demand" section of the market (The bottom most values where people are asking to buy at a certain price, use the highest buyer price).

2) Page 2 update the Commodities. Under the Sell Price, you may need to use the drop down box in each box to update to the new price listing. It may or may not change automatically. Once you've updated the price with the new listing, the costs will automatically re calculate.

3) If you've updated your Extension "Refining" You may need to update the "Amount" tab, with the new Material Amounts. This is based off of 1 Commodity. Simply go into the game, go to the Refining Tab, find the Commodity you want, and type in 1 for the amount you want to create, and update the amount you see required.

4) update the Commodity Sell. This is the same as the Ores, but for the Commodity this time, check the Demand section, and update it with the highest buyer.

This will cause the number to change under the "profit from buy orders" tab. If it's red, you'll be losing NIC, if it's green, you'll be making NIC. The value is how much NIC you'll be making or losing for every 1 unit you create of that commodity.

5) For those who don't want to just quickly make and sell, but would rather place in a Sell order yourself (The box under Supply in the Market). Update the "Sell order Price" with the price you'd sell the commodity at yourself, and the box after will change automatically to how much you'll make per unit over selling just the materials used to create it.

Detailed Explanation:

Refining Commodity: The Commodity that is refined from the materials

Materials: The Materials required to make the Commodity

Sell Price: The Price the material is selling for on the market under the "Demand" tab.

Amount: The Amount of material you need to make 1 commodity  (This will change depending on your Refining extension).

Cost in Materials: The Amount of NIC you can make selling the material needed to make 1 commodity. 

Total Cost: Total amount of NIC you can make selling all the materials required to make 1 commodity.

Commodity Sell: The Amount the Commodity is selling for under the "Demand" section of the Market.

Profit from Buy Orders: The Profit you make per unit by selling the commodity to the highest buyer under the "Demand" section of the market. (This updates automatically, and will be green if you make a profit, or red if you won't)

Sell Order Price: The Price you would sell it for under the "Supply" section of the market.

Sell Order Profit: The amount of profit per unit you'll make by selling the commodity at the Sell Order Price. (This updates automatically, and will be green if you make a profit, or red if you won't)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8rtdb … lator.xlsx

Note: You will need to download it, as you won't be able to change any of the tabs on the browser


In the Works(If I can get this working properly.)

- Full Material/Commodity listing
- Item Listings allowing you to compare all items and go up the chain to see the final NIC profit of that item.

5/11/2014 update 1: Added all materials and commodities

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Re: Material and Commodity Calculator

Updated and working now big_smile thanks to Meerkat for helping me figure out the problem