Topic: Industrial Kernels

we all konw that even that the industrial tech is the smallest compared to the other trees, it still is the hardest to get.

first: industrial spawns are rare and there are no high end ones.
second there are no observer and rare class npcs that might speed up the process.

when i look at the kernel conversion then it jumps to the eye that the heavy gliders are quite low giving ep. from the hp to drop ratio this might be ok, but hglider are realy rare. they are only in the roaming npc quads and that is very limited. before the research patch the glider kernels contained the scarab tech. that also was something special. now they are just anther mech drop bot.

i think the industrial gliders should be boosted in kernel drop quite significantly. maybe not as heavy as a oberserver, but maybe still something around factor 5 compared to a heavy. so they will still have some form of significance.

Re: Industrial Kernels

+1 to improve the gain of industrial kernel in general.

Re: Industrial Kernels

In the new system you are basically getting free kernels for the gliders because they are 1 shot targets ... I see no reason for them to give equal points to observers or Heavy mechs, which are much more difficult to kill compared to scarabs.

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Re: Industrial Kernels

I agree with Zortarg that indu kernels are still hardest to get, but Scarab kernel need no improvement, as Scarabs are too easy to kill. WOuld like more to see some more spots for silver indu bots. But I guess this is major reason to farm still NPCs on beta island.