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Is there a possibility that we could see a small, and I mean small, chance we can get a increase of these somehow.

As in adding them to a npc store, or adding them somehow in a different way perchance?

As it stands now we see very little market activity for them (Yes I DO realize most people do NOT sell them for nic) is very small, 5 heavy mechs traded in the last month.

I'm not asking for a massive influx, just to take a look at the situation and make adjustments as necessary.

Small changes are better then massive over the top reactions.

(I cant keep up with my Mesmer Mk2 losses, if I lose another, apparently I must quit the game for a month.  lol)

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Re: Yea Cortex's

- Rare drop from rank5/observer NPCs
- Rare drop from some new type of gamma NPC
- Small chance to get cortexes from every SAP type
- Something else to add more appeal to beta(+gamma)

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