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I figured this idea is too awesome to be buried in that other threadnought and deserves it's own thread.

I was thinking maybe there should not be static teleports at all on gamma but players scan for the islands. Once you have coordinates for an island you enter them into special teleport beacon to get there (wrong coordinates will drop you in the ocean, underground or in space and you die). Once the advance team is on the island they build teleporter that lets you choose 1 or 2 existing teleporters (alpha, beta or gamma) where to connect (with limited range ofc). Once connection is made it works both ways. Making connection would take 24hrs and once connection is made cooldown for changing it would be something like 1 week.

Island scanning should take considerable effort (similar to artifacting but more than 2 coordinates and to get precise reading you need do to multiple scans on different islands and some manual math required). Higher value islands would be harder to scan. Island far away from the center can only  be scanned from / connected to other gammas.

Also I was thinking that Island could slowly move over time (several months for significant amount) so you cant just make list of all island coordinates forever and teleports in range would change. When teleporter on gamma island moves out of range from teleporter it's connected to the connection is removed. If enough island are made then it would be possible to allow island to drift out of teleport range from any island and become 'forgotten island' to be rediscovered later.

Only islands with teleport path to the island you are on would show up on the map (island info (location. teleports, etc..) is relayed via teleports like routers).

Player built teleport would be destructable but have high HP and maybe shield (maybe option to boost by player built power generator) too. And make big plasma burst (like plasma bomb but bigger) when destroyed.

Also limits on how many teleports can be on one island and how close together two teleports can be are necessary.

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PPS. I hate game desing, For every cool feature I can imagine I can come up with dozen ways to exploit it.
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Re: Gamma teleport idea.

I like the concept, kinda like WH space in that other game. Maybe these could be more like floating islands with orbits or something instead of islands in an ocean or they could be moving landmasses in the oceans floating because of Nias energy properties.

Very cool idea.

Looking forward to new players and new conflicts.

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I like this idea a lot.

Re: Gamma teleport idea.

Like I said before, I like this it, especially the idea that there are unknown amount of betas in the world and only these that are discovered are on the map.

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i like this alot big_smile they idea of not being able to see every island with going out & exploring would be so cool

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PS. I got my Highways & stopped playing b4 they came in & have never used them! ...... Irony much ? tongue

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Re: Gamma teleport idea.

From the low number of +1's I take that this was too awesome for people to really understand. I'll try to iterate on some points to hopefully make it bit more clear.

My idea on balancing the player built teleports being destructable was giving them shield with constant recharge rate. This would mean that there's minimun of X dps needed to even do damage and a decent amount of mechs or heavys have to be commited into taking it down. When popped the teleport would explode so hard that it wipes out anything within range Y making it suicide job for those heavies and mechs. This way the teleports would be destructable but it wouldn't be practical to pop them just for the lulz.

I will write more when I have some time.

Re: Gamma teleport idea.

+1 this sounds cool