Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

3.0 was out around 6 years ago. If you don't have the hardware to utilize it, upgrade. This is like complaining that you can't play PS3 games on your PS2. There comes a time when things need to advance. If a handful of people are affected, it's not up to the dev to slow down their own technical capabilities because someone has decided to not keep up with the times. This is a game, it's entertainment. If you can't afford it, you need to deal with that and not hope to keep the rest of the playerbase down because you think you should only have to upgrade your hardware every decade, if that.

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Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

can someone give me a list what 3.0 shaders can do?

AFAIK per-pixe-shading is a 3.0+ feature. are features like displacement, normal mapping, lensflares, volumenetric fog and such are also 3.0 featuers?

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Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

You could get a fully built computer with geforce 7- generation for 180 euro's
It's just so old I can't find any good deals for geforce 6- generation, the prices on those stopped dropping over two years ago.

Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

I think we get the point, 3.0 pixel shaders is nothing new. Any casual gamer should have hardware. In any case a whole blog dedicated to announce this change is kind of over the top, specially when we are waiting for more content and the beacons won't save this game either.


Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

I find myself kind of agreeing with Segreto's fundamental point: working on expanding actual gameplay, coupled with active marketing would help grow the community. Having a low player base to begin with is a dangerous position to be in.

While I applaud the continuing efforts to improve Perp, I would be more interested in seeing marketing being done as opposed to 3.0 shaders.

Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders

And I'll refer back to everyone else's points.
The game can't develop much further without upgrading to Shaders 3.0.

As much as I'd love to see a blanket advertisement the game doesn't yet have the re-playability that it needs.
I'd rather see lower population numbers with a future explosion when the games ready. This game wasn't ready for the EVE player explosion and nor were the devs. Because of this it was hard to hold on to them and most left with negative comments about the trial, new player experience and lack of PVP/End game.

You also have to keep in mind that a 13 man dev team has a very select few of specialised people. Shaders 3.0 will be BoyCs work as far as I am aware. This means the other 12 devs will continue to work on content/customer support/database management/marketing/public relations and much more. smile

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Re: New devblog: The move to 3.0 shaders


Sounds good. Re-read your post, and I get your point -- one DEV is specialized in the graphics engine, everyone else works on core content. My general concern is that from my point of view the graphics are fine. I have a good system, I can presently run about 7 clients without any issues, so its not that I'm complaining about having to upgrade.

In general, I'm anxious to see a growing playerbase and more content in the game with graphics being a very distant non-problem.

However, I do applaud the work being done -- and pretty graphics will help attract; so its all good I guess. :-)

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