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Since these two days have been the single most important event since our launch, I feel we need to address both our new players and the situation we find ourselves in. First of all let me offer our warmest welcome to our world and wish you all a pleasant and exciting stay.

We were always expecting to service a large group of players - we just weren’t planning to service them so soon. We were expecting to see these kinds of numbers in four to six months! You all are here, however, and our determination at servicing will be just as persistent as our shiny robot MMOG. Obviously, our newfound popularity is going to come with a slight downside for the next few days, but we’re confident that will be resolved soon. In the meantime, we’d like to share a few things with you that we think you’ll look forward to:

  • First of all we are going to fix the server issues. The rumors of DDoS attacks are unfounded, it is a flawed achitectural approach that we have to replace. And replace it we will.

  • Next week, we’ll be releasing the first of many new additions to our PvE content. You can expect a suite of 18 new complex missions with appeal to new and old players alike. Later in July, you’ll see a complete revamp of all existing missions as well, to ensure everyone’s getting the fun they deserve and the NIC they need.

  • We’ll be completely retooling the website: faster, slicker, and with a newer, more cohesive lore that ties the day-to-day gaming experience with the very fate of Nia. (Oooh!)

  • Later, you can expect to see the creation of our “Energy Point System” where Agents will finally get an opportunity to do what Project Perpetuum is all about - sending energy back to Earth! The rewards for this system are sure to interest people in all aspects of Nia’s society.

  • Corporations with territory control will be able to construct and deploy linked sets of structures to achieve even greater goals, and build headquarters to be envied.

  • Soon you will even be able to shape the very planet itself! Yes, terraforming - it’s not just for Devs anymore! We’re excited about the possibility of seeing what our playerbase can do, when the tools to change the very earth beneath their feet are placed in their hands.

So once again, welcome to Nia. Please be patient with us while we get a handle on this unexpected - and very welcome! - surge of population, and we’re very much looking forward to sharing with you all the joys Nia can provide.

You can find more information on all this on our dev blog:

Until next time, keep an eye on your radar and your guns warm.

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nice update and do like... with the terraforming coming up there is one question... can we have ponies as well!?

in all seriousness, the changes for corporations and the likes are sounding good.

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Very nice update!

And welcome to all the new players!

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Sounds awesome.

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Looks really great! Glad our little bit of extra cash will be benefiting the entire community here smile

As a new player myself - I'd like to recommend that all other newbies just spend some time in the wiki learning and then recreating your spreadsheets wink

Glad to be aboard!

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Yes, terraforming - it’s not just for Devs, and Gremrod, anymore!



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hi, i guess i'm partly to blame for lagging your game, i'm an eve refugee.

sorry i broke your hamsters, and thanks for the warm welcome!

also, dont do MT. i never thought i'd have to tell a subscription based MMO that, and look what it got me last time sad

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That's.... So.... Awesome!


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sounds awesome,thx for the welcome

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This post is full of goodness.  Thank you for the feedback, and as another eve refugee, let me say I love your customer service as much as I'm loving your game.

Thanks again

Ris Dnalor

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Saying pretty much what has been said above - really pleased with the experience so far (and sorry for breaking your shiny servers sad ).  Sounds like there is some great content coming, and really happy to have got in while it's still jam-packed full of youthful vigour!

Keep up the excellent work (especially loving the communication from the devs and gms), I'm fully behind you in what must have been a very stressful, but hopefully really beneficial couple of days.

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Awesome plans! I can't wait to see terraforming in action o.O

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Yep. Terraforming has been mechanically ready for some time now, we've all been waiting for them to find a good way to implement it that doesn't allow for too many phallic shaped land masses. smile