Topic: Sprint Modules?

Maybe this has been suggested before, but I was watching a guy in an Assault Bot while driving my sequer, and just thought it'd be kind of awesome if there were 'sprint modules' you could stick on assaults, maybe specifically FOR assaults.

Idea being you can go much faster for a short sprint, to leap out at someone to exploit the stealthiness of assaults - but when you're done, you're much slower for a minute or two. This way, assaults can sprint to escape out of radar range, but then have to do some smart stuff to avoid getting tracked down by other robots.

Thoughts? I think this game mechanic would be really annoying at the mech scale, but I really like the concept for assaults specifically.

Re: Sprint Modules?

Yes, I heard assaults are underpowered and need buffing. smile

Sorry for the troll, I couldn't resists. Assaults are way overpowered now, they will be smacked with a nerfbat with next week's patch.

Re: Sprint Modules?

Did I mention I build and sell assaults? big_smile

Re: Sprint Modules?

Actually, instead of special modules for one kind of bot... I would like to see some special skill linked to the bot itself.

Speed buff for Assault, sensor masking, or ECCm for Ewars...
much like actual modules, but already integrated into the bot.

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