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Topic: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

Many friends and foes come and go, and in perpetuum this is no exception. Most people who come don't stay, many return just to leave again. But there will always be that core group who sticks it out longer then anyone else. That is so memorable in one way or another through their accomplishments

JOKE had one of the biggest most diverse player bases in the perpetuum community and still managed to maintain somewhat of a small gaming community and continues to do so now. This forum post my personal recap and remembrance of a few of the many members of JOKE I fought and bled alongside with. This is a remembrance of the best JOKE had to offer and some of the most notable things each of these members have done!

This recap is of members who I believe made some of the best contributions to JOKE following its growth spike and rapid industrialization following the 2014 great steam influx. This is my personal opinion and I am only mentioning a select few, though there were many members of JOKE who made great contributions, these are the ones who stood out to me personally the most.

I encourage you guys from other corps to follow with your own lists!
1) Leary - Pretty much best Belgian I've met, basically JOKE gaming community mascot and runs our Discord amongst other notable things.  A true hero to JOKE in its waning days in Perpetuum. Leary was one of the newest players in perpetuum to become a core part of JOKE, he came into the game along with thousands of others during the great steam influx of 2014. One way or another, when most people left or quit the corp or game for greener pastures, ultimately Leary is one of the great few who stuck through and always fought alongside his comrades at JOKE. He most notably rallied behind JOKE during our campaigns against POE and the times we rest NER and has always done his part to aid the corp (more then me xD)

2) Opium - If the force existed in Perpetuum then I would be a Jedi Master who was surpassed by their apprentice, Opium would be that apprentice. While I did teach Opium some of my PvP ways and fittings going as far back as Rawr in 2014, I think it is safe to say that Opium has well surpassed my capability to do solo PvP with a single client and shown his accomplishments in this with the blood of his enemies going as far as successfully soloing enemy mechs and even heavy mechs successfully in his mighty baphomet MK2. If anyone ever had expectations for solo PvP capacity of a single agent, he broke all of them. This aside, he is one of the best solo and small gang PvPers I have played alongside during these last few years and I have no regret in PvPing alongside him

3) Smokeyii - When Smokeyii was not busy not caring, he carried out the JOKE motto of "talk softly and carry a big stick" with enjoyment and success. Put him into a Seth MK2 or an Artemis MK2 then whatever ends up in front of his guns usually explodes, once in a while even allies. Though he was in JOKE and comrades with Jita long before me and played in the old era, even in our waning years he was still one of our deadliest agents on the field of PvP.

4) Jasdemi - If there is anyone who had a unique legacy and personality within nia. It is Jasdemi, self proclaimed first corp thief in Perpetuum history.(Thats the one story I never heard.) Leader of the somewhat infamous Something Awfully Wonderful corporation which is also the corp that I learned bot combat with.(mainly PvE) Not to mention one of Nia's richest players all together. Jasdemi is certainly a unique person but had quite some dedication when he was active. At some point when JOKE lived on Hokkogorros after one of the great mission revamps and the changing of beta 1 highways and teleporters. Jasdemi single handedly did enough missions to fill the corp wallet up to 1 bil in NIC with a 15% tax rate in under 2 weeks and also provided some of our unwelped black heavy mechs that we still intend to welp to this day! He willingly did grinding on a level no one else could be bothered with.

5) Jita - Jita has one of perpetuum's oldest and well known legacy's in perpetuum. One that dates all the way back  to the beta of the game. Jita aside from being the founder and creator of JOKE, successfully built some of the biggest most industrialized alliances perpetuum had seen during times when the population was at its best. One time being with the original new hope alliance in 2011. Another time being the now infamous Demolition Party during the steam era in 2014. Jita having been the proud leader of JOKE for many years had leadership and charismatic capabilities only seen in leaders like Syndic and Styx and is one of the oldest players to have had major involvement in the influencement of both in-game politics and game mechanic changes, for better or for worse.

Jita had a unique perspective on politics and game mechanics that most of the time, did not match that of most other active members of the communities, but he always stood by his views regardless of opinion and was one of the few people who was always willing to do what he thought was best for the improvement of game content, especially in the PvP warfare area, even going as far as willingly risking and just putting aside relations with other corporations to help prolong activity and PvP gameplay interest in game, even for the shortest amounts of time. Jita heavily shaped much of this game's politics through both 2011 and through 2014-2017. Without the actions of some others and especially him, the game may have been long dead by now...


Other notable mentions:

1) Burial - While Burial was not in the corporation as long as others, following the infamous final collapse of STC at the end of 2014 resulting in rebranding that led to the creation of ETHOS. Burial followed JOKE wherever it went, even though for a part of that time he was still in his personal corp EVO. Burial proved to be one of the coolest people to have in teamspeak for various reasons. And was also a fine FC and PvPer also maintaining nice ties with players from Russian entities like DREAM and DoY

2) Goshka - Goshka was involved with JOKE for a while and showed his contributions well after the steam era. Goshka was one of our strongest links as well as myself that allowed for us to maintain strong, long, and fruitful/beneficial relations with old skilled and powerful PvP entities like CHAOS and DoY. That aside Goshka also willingly fought for the JOKE cause while continuing to maintain really close ties to CHAOS.

3) Tamas Vitez/Resentina/Krupp/Serpens - These are all some of perpetuum's oldest players either being in JOKE or being a close allow of JOKE as far back as 2011. Even when the steam influx arrived, these old members returned and continued to serve directly alongside JOKE. I mention these 4 together because during our great period of growth and industrialization in 2014, these 4 created a great majority of our industry backbone. Without them, our war efforts following the formation of Demolition Party would have ended much faster then they did as we would of ran out of assets to field before we could of even welped them all!
These are but a few who are one point or another after the great steam influx, served as the vanguard of JOKE and made sure that we did not simply go into the night.

This is my thanks to JOKE for a good last 3 years of creating perpetuum history together! I do not know how much time Perpetuum truely has left before the plug is pulled, but I am glad to have continued to be apart of JOKE for the last few years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Re: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

I'm sad that you didn't mention how good I'm in a green bot but "A true hero" is totally me. yarr

Anyway, amazing people in Joke.


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Re: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

Good stuff Beast (Still need to read alll though.)

Dont forget, Chorizo Balboa (Legend.) He was FC those times when we had some people (I am sad I could not play that time actively.)

I will continue.

Also dont forget JOKE was here when the game started, would be lovely to hear Jita about that times, I may do some insights there.

JOKE was a big part about that time, when first time Norhoop was ruled. And Jita, Krupp, Resentina, the main "faces" I recall now about that time.

... (should) to be continoued (by msyelf also)...

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Re: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

Jita, Krupp and the account-sharing/theft incident big_smile

to bad i had to use the account reset feature at one time,
or else the first legit pvp kill on the server would show me as a Joke member killing Siddy (M2S)

all killmails of reseted accounts got lost sad

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Re: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

I remember back when Burial was just a noob when he first joined NEX smile A

Even that far back i was still a jaded bitter vet tongue Ahhh good times lol

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The rest of you guys are Hacks tongue

PS. I got my Highways & stopped playing b4 they came in & have never used them! ...... Irony much ? tongue

Re: Remembering JOKE members and their accomplishments post steam release.

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

I remember back when Burial was just a noob when he first joined NEX smile A

Even that far back i was still a jaded bitter vet tongue Ahhh good times lol

Good times. lol