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Seems lots of people use discord, and it is a nice way to have a persistent communications/chat outside of the game with text or voice!

It is easy enough to get, and especially to add servers to your already running discord, so I thought, why not let players, new/old, past/present, connect together again and drive the community (forward) and meet and arrange to do things in game that would otherwise be difficult to coordinate otherwise.

There were several attempts to get a chat with community leaders, devs, etc. about the game its plans and the future.  So why not set up the infrastructure just in case such an event should occur?

I encourage all to join, invite friends, enemies, etc.

This is unofficial, but I welcome Devs to join and will give them admin privileges should they choose to join.

(There is a channel to discuss other games too... )

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Excellent initiative! smile

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I am in good idea!

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This is where the community will be, and this is where most of the discussions and community stuff in regards to the standalone server and open-source will take place, people of all walks of corps and alliances are here, everyone is welcome, should join up to this server!

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totally in there too.

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Joined in, loki252