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Topic: List of features worth looking at

With realistic expectations of person-hours to invest on new features, these are mostly oriented, or intended to be extensions of existing functionality.  However, it is speculation on my part that the functionality we see could be flexible to extend to these features based on the design of these systems.  Therefore some might look easy, but could be difficult to implement due to how the existing feature is implemented.  Feedback on this is welcome!

1.  New sparks
2.  Dailies http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … al-events/
3.  More assignments in existing categories, but more variety of templates.
4.  Syndicate supply drops.  http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/posts/ … 5-roadmap/
5.  Robot Paint (all the 1000's of threads on that)
Post below, please link to previous discussions or separate threads to discuss details of each.
I'll do my best to update/append/ or sort list by priority.

* also I realize there have been so few posts, a previous similar thread I posted last year is still on the same page here on this forum XD  http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … s-in-2017/
If this thread is combined, or deleted in favor of the previous, that is fine by me.  I should have bumped the previous.


Re: List of features worth looking at

Not sure if these quallify, but here we go smile

Highscores - artifacts found this week, this month, in total, NPCs killed, produced items etc! Gives a competitive challenge and promotes PVE gameplay. Just look at how killboards can motivate and promote PVP.

Double EP, double drop weekends etc. Based on experience from many other games, such events can generate a lot of activity and bring back players to a game.

World events, such as the PVP tournaments we had in the past. If it takes too much work, outsource the planning and management of the event to a few trusted members of the community.

Re: List of features worth looking at

For me, the most needed stuff is somehow make the missions worth to do in groups/teams/squads.

If just we see, I think there would be a more healty community.

And the above mentioned stuff would be nice.

(The fundaments of the game is solid as I see, you could focus somethin else, a llittle marketing maybe?)

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Re: List of features worth looking at

Game really needs some solid marketing.

The curve to have a new corporation actually become a threat is too much.  Most players will join the existing blue donuts.  Many people want to create something and build on it.  It is just too difficult here.  We tried with NEX years ago and really got nowhere.  This applies to both PVP and Industry.

PVP should have unique rewards based on points awarded for type of bot destroyed either solo or in a group and what type of bots are on the killmail.  There should be no other way to get these.  This promotes PVP which in itself promotes industry.  Even if it was an island where events occurred every 8 hours (not SAPs) and you got point for "holding the hill".  Just need something new which will get people wanting to actually log in.  No one cares about SAPs because not enough people online to bother unless they are just doing it for themselves.

Group PvE which unique rewards.  This shouldn't even be remotely doable with any heavy mech and multiple logistics.  This should needs a group and have rewards accordingly.

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Re: List of features worth looking at

Robot Maker! Where people can make their own robots and balance sliders to make sure you don't get an over powered robot, for example as base health goes up, base speed goes down, as size of bot goes up, price to implement goes up, and as damage bonuses go up, defence bonusses go down.

Re: List of features worth looking at

since i love the abstract discussion about it in another game,
i throw it in here -

crime&punishment + karma system
dynamic NPCs filling the world with action, and especially the alpha islands with ICS, TM and Asintec NPCs

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Re: List of features worth looking at

IMO best feature would be:
- people are posting their wishes or troubles both on tickets and forums, and devs do react.

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Re: List of features worth looking at

I'd vote for paint.

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Re: List of features worth looking at

a few ideas some have already been mentioned

1. cosmetic shop- paint colors for robots stuff for avatars i.e hats, sunglasses, tattoos, shirts, eye patches etc. Making them take credits to unlock could bring money back to the game

2. bring back the old style artifact hunting but with new artifacts like ancient relic sites or something make them same rank l to rank lll that drop t2 to t4+ modules maybe a rank lV that drops new sparks tier 1 to tier 4 could even add a spark that lets you use 2 sparks at  a time (keep the new artifacting for the artifacts now add this as another way to find different artifacts)

3. cloaking robots- new robots in between light robots and assaults

4. a 3v3 arena where players que up teams. maybe 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters square with obstacles and hills based on a point system where each bot costs points toward the total amount allowed for a team or class based with lights vs lights and assault vs assault and so on. ewar bots would probably have to be excluded from 3v3 as a skilled ewar can knock 2-3 people out of a fight. and no more than 2 ewar modules per robot. winners and losers would get prizes maybe nic and faction (pvp) ammo of the type of robot they fought with (suggestions?)rounds would also have to be timed

had more but I got bored the game is dead anyway

Re: List of features worth looking at

What Rugerx said its really good, I would support 1.,2.,4. fully!

Porbably the 2. would be the easiest to implement.

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Re: List of features worth looking at

In case someone cares, I think agent's statistics page could be an awesome feature.
Since devs already gathering statistics(and some of that can be seen in steam stats through certain software), it's shouldn't be to difficult to make it available for regular player, somewhere in character sheet.
For performance reasons, there can be limit to how often it can be accessed, like a week or so. Previous recieved stats are stored and can be viewed anytime without significant resource cost.

Could be cool to view your stats sometimes, achieved for all those years. And get dissapointed in your life smile
It can also give an additional reason to do things, for those who fap on numbers.