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Topic: Beastmode's Bot fit database!

So, over the years I have screenshot the fittings of many bots through either my own fit construction or chassis scanning on the field. At this point pretty much 99% of these have become obvious and common knowledge especially to PvPers over the years. But for recent players there is much here to learn!

Most of these fittings were used for PvP but some of these can be applied to PvE as well. But if you want to do PvP then going through many of these fittings will benefit you especially.

I hope the release of all of these scanned fittings over the years will be of use for current and newer players to use and get into different combat fits or at least provide means for discussion and amusement as to how PvPers fit their bots during the period of time between 2012 and January 2016.

Note: These screenshots are Raw so you can also see things like chat channels and logs including squad chats and PMs as an added bonus! Also... theres 1 or 2 screenshots that dont have fittings that got mixed in, see if you can spot them!

Note 2: The text for the fittings on these scans are all in english.

Download 200+ in bot fitting screenshots here!


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Re: Beastmode's Bot fit database!

Thanks !!! I was looking for something like this !!

Re: Beastmode's Bot fit database!

Grand Moff Tarkin wrote:

Thanks !!! I was looking for something like this !!

note that any fit that has a tuner in it, may be totally unusable these days.

aka full tuner seth fits or RR fits

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Re: Beastmode's Bot fit database!

Can you upload them on Imgur? ^^