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Hello, i have joined this game two days ago and during first combat mission without a specific request i find myself inside the UASD corp (i join pelistal ranks and all quest i am doing give me Truhold-Markson rep connected to this corp). I think this is an automatic join (like a sindacate corp for new players).

I would like to be freelancer but i cant! no way to exit from this corp (no leave key).
Please i want to be free there is a way out to exit or i have to redo my character (OMG i have almost completed level 2 in quests rank)?

Thanks in advance

Re: UASD CORP - i want be a freelancer

Join another Corp and then get kicked

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Re: UASD CORP - i want be a freelancer

ok thanks big_smile

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You don't have to even get kicked just join and then choose the option to leave from the corp menu.

However it is not a bad thing to earn relations with the TM corp either.
The default pellistal corporation you are assigned to outside the tutorial.
You can buy better sparks with higher relations and if you intend to do higher level missions you will need this as well.  Relations also affect industry.

If you are planning on staying in the area New Virgina, Hershfield and Norhoop it does not hurt you to stay in default corporation. 
If you later decide to join and stay in a player owned corp they might have their location on different islands all together.

Just something to keep in mind.

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The relations which are kinda important are associated with the meagcorp, not with the "minicorp" of the default npc corporation. You can equally still gain megacorp rating while in a private corporation. The standings are separate from corp memberships. The main feature you will be missing from going freelancer is the corp which could connect to regional agents.