Topic: There is still two things!

1) Squad and missions not relates to each other.

          - you are need to leaves squad at Beta
          - you are not encourage to make missions in squad = less reward

2) There is only 2 entrance to the PVP areas too easy to scout!

Energy to Earth!

18.01.2014. [12:57:58] <BeastmodeGuNs> after that i remembered all those warning about 1v1 you lol, and i found out why xD

Re: There is still two things!

Whoever wants to scout Beta entrances will scout 2 or 10 entrances. Accounts are cheap.

Static spawns need to go, Beta 2 rework needs to happen.

Re: There is still two things!

There are always thing. completing these wants would not fullfill any particular "packet" of features. Keep on the good work.