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Topic: Beginners Guide to Production

This guide shall give a first step into production and related topics for new players. It reflects the most common questions I read from beginner, but it shall not cover all possible topics for an experienced producer.

- Basic Production Overview
- Raw Materials
- Finding Plants
- Finding Minerals
- Refining Raw Materials
- Creating CT
- Prototyping
- Production
- Research
- Tips

Basic Production Overview

1. Raw Materials → Commodities  (Need Recyling Plant)

2a. Fragments + Commodities + NIC→ Prototypes (Need Prototype Facility)

2b. (Basic Equipment | Prototypes) + Decoder + NIC → CTs (Need Reverse Engineering)

3. CT + Commodities → New items (Need Factory)

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Re: Beginners Guide to Production

Raw Materials:
Getting raw materials means finding a place to get them, and use time to mine/harvest.

There are two principial kinds of raw materials:
1. Organic get by harvesting plants
2. Minerals (Ores & Liquids) get by mining the surface

For each color of island (blue, green and orange) there is one ore and one plant missing, so you need to change island or trade to get all possible raw materials.
There are the following special raw materials:
Noralgis (organic) grows only on plants seeded by player, grows on every island, on beta/gamma better than on alpha.
Epitron (ore) only mineable on beta island
Colixum only mineable on gamma, needs gamma building to mine.

Finding plants to harvest:
Drive around and keep your eyes open. If you target a plant, the landmark info window shows in yellow text its name and in brackets the number of cycles to harvest.

Finding minerals:
Equip geoscanner with directional scan for the appropriate mineral. Do a scan to get the direction to the nearest mineral spot of that kind, until you are above the mineral spot (X in directional scan, or be sure by triangulation) then use tile based scan for this mineral to get a picture of tiles. Red and large are the tiles with most cycles,  dark green and small the worst spots to mine.
Attention: The accuracy of the scan result is limited and bad accuracy leads to wrong information. The tier of the geoscanner and the extensions „Basic Geochemistry“ increase the accuracy of scans as well as the bot bonus of Argano and Termis.

Area scan charges are the old system but can still be used. They say for a larger area how many percentage of ore is in. Typically you strip the island until you found spots with more than 1%. Good spots should be over 5%.

Refining Raw Materials to Commodities
The raw materials can be refinedto commodities using a Refinery.
The amount of materials needed for one commoditie depends on the Tier of the facility (T1 & T2 on alpha, better on Beta and Gamma) as well as the level of the extension refining and the standing to the terminal owner

[Edit: Standing and island to find epitron  updated to reflect changes in game]

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Re: Beginners Guide to Production

Creating CT (Blueprint)
A CT is created by combing an item that can be used for CT and a decoder in a reverse engineering facility. There is a minimum requirement for the decoder, the usage of a better than needed decoder increases the quality of the CT.
The CT quality is based on the extension „CT efficiency“, the tier of the facility and the decoder level used.
The CT generation consumes the decoder and item and an amount of NIC depending on the time needed. The faster the combining is performed the less NIC is needed. The time depends on Tier of the facility, standing to that facility and the extension „time efficiency“.
Items that can be build into CT are:

  • Ammo/Charges (1000(1250) pieces)

  • Bot Prototypes

  • T1 Equipment

  • T2P-T4P Equipment Prototypes

The prototyping requires to reseach kernels to unlock the prototype. Once a prototype is unlocked it can be produced using the prototype facility. The prototype task needs commodities, fragments, smaller tier equipment and NIC. The amount of materials depends on the appropriate extensions, the amount of NIC depends on facility tier, standing and extensions to reduce time for prototype creation.
A prototype can be unlocked by corp (with appropriate corp setting) or by yourself to produce. If both are unlocked, you need only 50% of mats for the prototype.

The productions requires to install a CT into the factory.
After installation a selected number of items can be produced.
The amount of materials needed for production depends on the quality of the CT and extensions. The amount of NIC needed depends on quality of the CT and production time. Production time is reduced by extensions, tier of the facility and standing.
Removing a CT from the factory to install other production degrades the CT quality (There is a extension to decrease this loss up to 0).
Every production cylce performed degrades the quality of the CT by 0.1 for Ammo, 1 for equipment and 3 for bots. A 100 CT for bots will be 70 after production of 10 bots.
Your CT is considered 50P better than it is for material consumption if producer and his corp have unlocked the research for that item. 50P difference are a rather small benefit later in game (~1-2%, depending on facility, extension, etc)

The research is performed by consuming kernels. It is at the moment the most NIC consuming roles you can choose in the game to research equipment.
You consume kernels to get RP, which can than be spend to unlock items for protoyping in research window.
There are six kinds of kernels:
C = Common
H = High Tech
I = Industrial
N = Nuimqol
P = Pelestial
T = Thelodica

The C are used for most kinds, the H usually to unlock high end content like T4 Equip
[Edit: Update to Research Patch and added, that bots are now produced from prototype only]

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Re: Beginners Guide to Production


- Choose your role. The following list covers only most important roles:
* Miner/Harvester (Supply with raw materials)
* Refiner (Convert raw materials into commodities needed for production)
* Recycler (Convert loot into commodities)
* Producer (build bots/equipment/ammo using existing CTs)
* Prototyper (Do research and produce prototypes)
* Reverse Engineer (Create CTs using existing CTs, Bots, Ammo, T1 Equip)

- An agent covering all roles will be no expert even after spending 1 Mio EP. Start with focusing on only one role, although it is likely to cover more than one of the roles above after spending a time in game.

- A producer gets now benefit of research of the items he produces, but this can be neglected as beginner, as extensions will have more influence.

- The easiest role for a beginer without large corp support is Miner/Harvester.
- Refiner and Recyler can be seen as support roles that can't support you with a NIC income in their role alone. But every corp needs one of those supporters.

- Some roles require a good standing to be on maximum efficieny (e.g. refine) other benefit slighty from standing. Miner& Harvester are the only roles above that require no standing at all.

More Information can be found at http://wiki.perpetuum-online.com/index.php/Main_Page
A general FAQ is available at http://wiki.perpetuum-online.com/index.php/FAQ

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