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Topic: DHBlaze says hi!

So yeah, made a message to DHBlaze earlier on youtube seeing if he will maybe comeback and play again at some point and make some more robot chronicles and this is the following response he put to me!

DHBlaze wrote:

I remember you and I've thought about it on a good number of occasions. I think this series was one of my best but also one of my hardest ever. It takes so much time to make one good video but it was fun. I'll be honest, I might consider doing at least a few more parts but not sure how well it would go or anything. I also miss all of you guys, to be frank after all the other series and games I've tried, for online community you guys were solidly the nicest and more fun.

Anyways I'll give it though but you might want to catch up on all that's happened to me personally lately. Take care and be well Beast, and tell every one I miss em'


Seems theres a chance he could comeback which would be pretty nice, but yeah, the main purpose of this post though, is my message from him, that he misses the lot of ya! So yeah, have a nice day/morning/night wherever you all are!

For the clueless people and trolls who swing in wondering the relevance, all you need to do is see this nice little series! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_ … chronicles Plus hes pretty cool generally, so yeah there you have it!

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Re: DHBlaze says hi!

Good to hear that!

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Re: DHBlaze says hi!

I remember his videos, hope he comes back to do some more! smile