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I'm currently pushing out a test client that has Twitch integration for everyone enabled; feel free to try:
1. The Twitch options are in the Options menu. Make sure that...
1a. Your account is connected - if it's not, do it now and I'll sync it at some point
1b. You're logged in to your account - sadly you won't be able to stream the login screen this way but it's a grave risk we have to take.
2. You can start streaming after you assigned a key to the Start / Stop function in the Keyboard section.

Couple of problems I know of:
- Yes we were too lazy to translate anything yet.
- Could put a severe performance hit on some systems; will consider alternative solutions for this.
- No signal or feedback whether you're streaming or not, can't tell if you disconnected.
[to be expanded]

Post your Twitch URLs here as well!

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Re: Twitch integration

Tried to test this.

I have logged into PTS client, saw the twitch options - then switched to german, which required a client restart.
then after i logged in, i got the message that i have to connect my twitch account first.
checking my account profile, the icon was green and labeled "disconnect" - accidentally clicked it, and had to re-connect again. Worked without any errors, and even on twitch it says linked to perp.

but back in that PTS client, i could not get the options again - always telling me:
"Unable to log in your Twitch user. Make sure your Twitch account is connected to your Perpetuum account."

no matter if i switch to english or german client.

edit: connected second account, logged in with that one on PTS client, and then the options screen only shows me the  token: [options_twitch_needsaccountconnect]

console lists:
"ERROR (signing) 22: error_NoSuchUser"

in the meantime tested with Firefall, and there it worked like charm...

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