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I'm interested on the take of newbs, veterans, and everyone in between.

What do you enjoy/dislike about some of your recent escapades (last 6 weeks).

I personally have had a lot of fun, won a lot of fights, lost a lot of fight, and tried to ninja mine on beta islands and avoid PvP.
I love the mechanics but it doesn't seem that the server can handle the precision the players are putting into the game. Beta islands are kick *** and I can't imagine have more than a few more islands where people can be (24 gamma islands is way to much).

Re: Current State of Pew Pew

I agree.  Gamma *** up the game the first time for the same reason (and several others).  I remember solo roaming for 3-4 hours and not seeing anyone at all, that's more disheartening than just getting zerged on an inbound TP.

Today we had an epic 45 minute fleet fight.  I haven't been in that good of a fight since 2011 (I did quit for 2 years in the middle somewhere).  I hope there are many more to come.  The best part of the game is and has always been the PvP.

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Re: Current State of Pew Pew

Honestly I dont really care about Gamma anymore. I'm having a lot of fun in Perp, only downside atm is population (need more newbies coming in, old newbies need 2 more months before they can start dominating) and the soul-crushing lag.

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