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Topic: Critical chance.

Which active modules have critical chance except weapons?

For example:

Energy transfer

Chemist > 250.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 500.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 250.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 250.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 750.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 250.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии
Chemist > 1250.00 AP перенесено > Hi-Tech передатчик энергии

It happens randomly. If I dock-undock, crits disappear. If dock-undock again, they may appear again.
It is noticed only for use on buildings.

Re: Critical chance.

None, only weapons.

The above probably happens because whatever you're transferring energy to has its accumulator almost maxed, and the energy transfer can only fill up what's missing.

If it would be a critical hit it would say so in the combat log.

Re: Critical chance.

Hmm... that's a bug. This occurs at any buildings. Their battery was not full. It was empty or half full, but not full.
And there are no messages in the combat log that it is a critical hit. But adds more than 250 (250-1250 AP) from one energy transfer module... hmm

Re: Critical chance.

And how much does your energy transfer do according to the module info?

Re: Critical chance.

It's always 250 AP/cycle (module info, gray text). It is impossible to increase by skills (blue text).

Re: Critical chance.

Hm ok, I thought we have a robot bonus for it. But we'll check the issue.
Does it only happen with buildings?

Re: Critical chance.

Yes. I noticed only on the buildings. Random. Play with dock-undock, to display it.

Re: Critical chance.

So what happens is that the combat log doesn't tell you what your module can transfer, but how much the target accumulator received.

And sometimes when the accumulator receives energy from multiple sources, the events coincide and the changes add up, which is what you see in the combat log. In this sense the log doesn't tell you the truth, because it's not just your transfer when this happens.

This can also happen for remote repairers btw.

Re: Critical chance.

Hmm ... I had an idea that this could happen when I transfer the energy to structure and the structure at the same time transfer energy to other sctucture... Need testing more. I'll try make some screenshots or video.

Re: Critical chance.

at this statement, i want to point out that i still miss the old, more detailed combat log from early beta sad

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Critical chance.

Zoom, i have video this bug. But it's 33Mb. Where i can upload it?

Comments to video:

02:24 - 500AP
03:04 - was 466+250+1000+500 (instead 466+250+250+250) 2216 (instead 1216)
+250+250+250 (2966 instead 1966)
03:21 2466/120000

04:33 - 2842/120000
+250+750+250 (instead 250*3)
04:37 - 2781/120000

05:03 - 2219/120000 (+250+500+250)=3912/120000 instead (+250+250+250)=2969/120000 (05:07)
09:06 - 7976 (+500+250+250)
10:17 - 13141/120000 (+500+250+250)=14141 instead 13891
11:26 - 18667 (+500+250+250)=19667 instead 19417
12:07 - 21055 (+750+500+250)=22555 instead 21805 (here 22555, but on screen 22693 O_o more, not less (
Even if you take into account the consumption. Strange...)

Sorry for the strange sound - I watched a movie. )

Re: Critical chance.

Youtube I suppose, unlisted.

Re: Critical chance.

Ready. Link in PM.