Re: Detector/EW changes

I consider them useless in my fleet composition, yeah.

They are obviously overpowered though and need to be given a significant drawback instead of the 10% accu joke.

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Re: Detector/EW changes

not that the 10% accur penalty of the ECM tuning works on supressors anyway...

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Re: Detector/EW changes

Merkle wrote:

Interestingly enought, a few posts up, first we claim that Ewar Tuners are uesless and should never be used.

Then a few post down, the opposite is put forth.

Then claims of "we never use them so It doesn't matter" is put forth, sadly, this type of redirection is nothing more then a false truth. 

As per my numbers those were base figures.  I was unaware that I needed to say anything other then what was in the "(   )".  That quite clear and shows how I pulled my base numbers.  All of these were server numbers, with zero calculation done, other then hit chance, which is quite simple.

So did you or did you not fit bots and test your numbers? Or did you just poop them out?

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Re: Detector/EW changes

From the test server using no math other then hit chance.  Which is easy enough to do.

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Re: Detector/EW changes

maybe make racial superior/infirior ECMS ? like blue vs yellow has lower/higer chance or something just idea i had to post big_smile

Re: Detector/EW changes

I'm glad that something is being done to balance EW and the sad excuse for ECCM.  That's great Dev Alf!


Re: Detector/EW changes

It's not being fixed, it's being cry-nerfed to oblivion. lol

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Re: Detector/EW changes

Norrdec wrote:

It's not being fixed, it's being cry-nerfed to oblivion. lol

My cynical side sees a Blizzard style cash machine here. 

"All we have to do is *** with balance and then sell credits to people who don't want useless extensions!!"

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Re: Detector/EW changes

Do it with NPC's too.

4.6 second lock time
3.9 cycle on lasers

A Vetern Cougar NPC (Artemis as well) can ECM me 100% of the time, it does seem to have a 'rest' cycle system where it won't ECM after it does it a few times. In addition, while I should be able to force two volleys every ECM cycle, 10 seconds, I usually spend the battles in a 1:1 Lock/ Volley/ Lock/ Volley/ Lock/ Volley war.

I'm pretty sure there are enough time sinks in the content. 3 or 4 of them and I am off in a corner repairing or looking for an outpost anyway. The predictable nature doesn't make it hard, just overkill.