Topic: How do relations gains and losses work over time?

This isn't about the Extensions that adjust gains and losses.  Those I know about.  It's about the raw effects over time.

You start doing L2 assignments with 1.25 standings to all corporations.

L2 done:  CorpA + .05 -- CorpB - .05
Result:  CorpA = 1.30  -- CorpB = 1.20

L2 done:  CorpA + .04 -- CorpB - .04 -- or is it - .05?
Result:  CorpA = 1.34 -- CorpB = 1.16 or 1.15
L2 done:  CorpA + .01 -- CorpB - .05 ...
CorpA = 2.06 -- CorpB = -1.00 ??

There is a slowing of relation gains.  Is there also a slowing of losses?

Another point on it:

L2 failed:  CorpA - .02 -- CorpB +/- ???

My idea is to see if I can raise up the corp standings.  I can get them all over 2.00 but beyond that is where the question comes into play.

Re: How do relations gains and losses work over time?

there is a sinus based falloff between mission-lvl +1 and +2.

that means
you can grind a lvl2 mission, starting from 1.0 up to 2.0 with full standing gain, but from 2.0-3.0 you will get less standing per mission run - and after 3.0 it will be zero positive.

AFAIK negative standing doesn't fade. but you can train up diplomatics and mission type specific relation extensions to increase the positive gain, and lower the negative. This enables to rais ALL corp standings into high positive values.

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