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This is just a bit too OP, the greens can use all tunings in head without any drawbacks, but another factions are facing serious accumulator issues with 2-3 tuning!

Need to change that, need further investigation but, just with some insight its clear already.


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Jita wrote:
Rugerx wrote:

At least they pay attention to the *** game and how things are going


Does zoom even know a waspish will two shot another assault with just two tunings? That a gropho which is supposed to be weak to blue can do the same to a double plated mesmer in like three shots?

Your game balance is irrevocably broken. SHut the servers down already, you have no *** clue how to balance.

They know, we said, but I dont know why it isnt changed then.
It should chnaged immediately.

WE need that still Zoom!

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