Syndic wrote:

I'm bookmarking & screenshotting this post, so I can pull it out when there's no reset and no drastic PVE changes a month down the road, but you're still talking about cancelling accounts unless X candy is given to you. big_smile


Would you like some candy? big_smile

I've meet you Syndic.  In game that is.  You might remember me by my other Agent name.  Vamatrics. 

Was really fun meeting you and your alliance.  Remember smiling and laughing while assisting on Roams with ya guys.  Ya all probly the coolest bunch of gamers I have ever meet in a game.

Sad to say I just lost the heart to play. 

Stay Cool Syndic

Hope this Ep system changes soon.  Players and game developers need to remember its a game.  Penalizing a customer because they would like to change how their account functions is just lame. 

What does a player do once he is tired of their Ep set-up?

Been over a week since I've logged on to any of my accounts.