Try not to create too many private servers smile

I have been here from day 0 beta and plan to continue playing whatever form it may take.  (I am still logging in for all you slackers tongue)

As we know, the official server may go offline at an undetermined time, but would be actually awesome if we can keep that going ... selfish personal reasons that I dont want to lose my 3.3 mil EP >:).  If there is anyway to move the "official" server somewhere to keep it going, I personally would not mind paying a small fee a month.  Even with the understanding that there would be no changes or no new content.  I just want to continue my mining and exploration of every Island with my nice EP level since beta !

But yes, personal servers that is great that you are doing that, but Perpetuum Community Project to keep one server - even if there are the 50 stalwart people that still play - would still be great to have everyone still in the same place ... not on 10 different servers.


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Joined in, loki252

Hello everyone,

Busy 40ish professional that I have chance to work from home, so you can see me online often.  First, you are all talking like this game is done and going to go away into nether-regions like Star Wars Galaxies.  Let's all keep this game going, even if on a stand-alone server.  I will contribute to help with that definitely a I joined in Beta and been online since then - such a great game.  It was great to see 250 in game at one time and slowly dwindle over the years till just recently sometimes I am only one in general chat.

Great job DEVs on this game as it was fun to play, not complicated, nice world, nice graphics, and we could all "live" on these islands together.  Can not say too much more than has already been said, but definitely please keep this game going.  Even if it takes some investment into a server to keep us 200+ loyal players in the game, let's do it !

Me personally, do not care about further development - just one of the best games that I have played in a long time.  What I like because I work from home, I can mine, run missions, explore, or even do a little PvP without being completed "active" in the game like so many of these games are.  Yes, I like to play Warframe or Diablo, but that is when I have some time to sit down and actually play.  I support everyone else in keeping Perpetuum going ... will be a really sad day if I log in and its not active !