Re: Lower the Commodities in production of bots.

Amano Terijima wrote:

This in its raw form will cause exploitation, to properly impliment global flagging would require one of two things. A security level standing, which IMHO would not work in the layout of this game, or bounty restrictions such as a time limit on the bounty, when the bounty becomes effective, a time frame which a person in unable to be bountied as a cool down etc. Though this would be a great idea, would need some fine tuning in order to make it work properly with out over exploitation. (Should start a thread hashing out ideas on how to lay this out, I would like to see something designed too big_smile)

the devs are playing ED, so they should have a clue how it could work, and what needs to be considered. (the system in ED is far from perfect either)

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Re: Lower the Commodities in production of bots.

Bump please consider this.

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