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ETHOS is a very nice and welcoming corp, we help new and vet players to have fun.

Let's play together in times after patch 3.7, which is being deployed right now smile

Recruitment closed, too few players to start a new corporation.

[RAD] is looking for new Members!

We are looking for players, new or old, of any kind. You are into mining and harvesting, or hunting artifacts? You like to hunt NPCs, but you're bored of shooting at them alone? You want to kill other players and learn and grow with your Squad? You are you a rising industrialist or market tycoon, willing to provide corporation members with bots, ammo and equipment for a fair price?

We've got a place for  you!

What we are looking for:
+ Motivated players who like to hang out and enjoy the company of others, showing up atleast once a week.

What we offer at the moment:
+ Help and advice to get you new guys on the feet and going, to catch up with the veterans
+ Mining and PvE ops
+ Corporation production in all Tiers and botsizes
+ An overall relaxed atmosphere, to learn and have fun in, to just login and hang out with other people!
+ We do not have any mandatory ops, yet you will always profit from taking part in daily corporationlife!

If you are interested talk to Rasmus Vombat, or join the ingamechannel "RAD"!

Yes, we are back cool