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Hey if you havent welped a fleet on that island before its new to you!


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I prefer to do my perp grinding while also playing a fun, well balanced game. Not my fault I need to load a whole other game to make that happen

Play this game without autopilot for three eyars and then re-evaluate where on the scale of importance this issue falls.


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Open the game and press M. Zoom and scroll to you heart's content.


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You don't "choose" not to hoarde the whole sandbox; you can't even take a single beta station. You recruited the bottom of the barrel in this game and now they've all quit now that you've lost. Big surprise.

And yes, if you can't even address Syndic by his name and not some stupid rivals.com pun don't expect us to continue to stop throwing sand anytime soon. But by all means keep your acting like *** and expect to not get backlash for it.


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Smokeyii wrote:

I guess we'll just have to wait and see... until peanut finds a way to break it at least. Then we'll get another half-assed fix that screws the rest of the game, and we'll be able to thank you lot for it.

Yes its our fault the Devs couldn't learn how to balance a game. All ours. You've gotten real whiney Smokey. I want the old Smokey back.

Gwyndor wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:
Jita wrote:

what I would suggest is that rather than take up development time creating imperfect fixes the devs just declare them as exploits with people doing it actionable under the EULA.

How much development time do you think would it take to actually enforce this idea? Detecting it, proving it, handling the reports, handling the aftermath of a punishment, etc.

I'll tell you: a lot more.

Quit being cheap and hire another dev or two or someone to do the heavy lifting. I don't feel bad for you at all because you are the worst about delegating. Just realize you don't know how to manage this wonderful concept for a game and sell it to someone who will do right for it.

Point of fact: this guy has played the game for about 3 weeks.

Tamas Vitez wrote:
DEV Zoom wrote:

The Devs are just trying to keep focus to be honest, otherwise we'll never get back gammas.

I understand your point of view, you want to keep the freedom to do what ever players want, where and how they want it.

Your inexperience to recognize harassment will cost you a few accounts, but hey, if that will keep the CIR and 77 veterans happy, its all good, right ?

If one of the accounts is Anni it is 100% worth it


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I claim Director Of:


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Actually I figured it out. This is for Missile Launcher Kains isnt it?


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Can we get some way to turn off the annoying looking 1s on all my modules now? I cant think of a midslot item Id not use with the alphastrike button, but want a second grouping button for.


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Annihilator wrote:

because i don't exploit game mechancis that it 100% risk free to mine there?

beeing able to monitor all those teleports 24/7 with audiovisual warning, placing login-trap alt agents in strategic good positions is in your eyes less game breaking then using isboxer seth to farm beacons on alpha?

Of course you don't, you don't play. Why do you keep posting on these forums?


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New alliance name: Undemocratic and Elitist Party of Equals


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Oh boy why did I not click on this thread sooner. The tears!


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Annihilator wrote:

when did those "rare" loot drops turn into this primary resource grinding mechanic?

Well after you quit playing the game, so don't worry about it.


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Cassius wrote:

Alliance mandated agenda based troll posting has killed more potential in this game than Dev changes ever will.
But then, that's the idea, right?

You might be more paranoid than Abe.


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Jita wrote:

I disagree. I do think that those same beacons you can use on alpha should drop more plasma on beta however. Perhaps +50%.

They definitely need to do something. The beacons are actually more profitable to do on alpha these days and thats silly.


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Jita wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

the only serious issue i see is the lack of red alpha roams... alpha observers RIP

Another game breaking problem created by 77 and CIR abuse of existing mechanics

So you want people to have risk from red mobs....but when the red mobs killed them the devs took that mechanic away. I don't follow.


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Shadowmine wrote:

Actually he usually pilots Ewar bots.

He get tired of his kains getting one shot?

Spark teleport has been a must have for a LONG time.

Anni why are you posting in a pvp thread?

Gunner can you break us down the numbers of Annis pvp since the steam patch?


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Burial wrote:

I still believe it to be a bad idea.

Anything around a base should be shot in the face with a handful of turrets and it's fine, but anything outside the base should be free for everyone. I think the paradigm for gamma development should be shifted from owning an island to owning an outpost on an island. If anyone wanders outside their protective structures, he should be free-for-all with no hand-holding.

So you basically want a bigger beta island? I don't like that idea; its not different enough for the Devs to spend their time on.


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Syndic wrote:

+1 to EP reimburse

If I had the choice to invest EP into detection under this rulechange, I would never waste EP on it.

I advise everyone not to spend 10$ to reduce the extension though, that would just be enabling this sort of behavior.

This. This hits all the relevant points.


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I just tried to convo you it says offline. Back to the winebox!


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Gwyndor wrote:
Tund Bungler wrote:
Gwyndor wrote:

Ecm is balanced, but not eccm.

To kill a bot you use damage, to stop damage you use a tank of some sort or you use ewar to negate/slow damage, to stop ewar you bring more ewar, to... Wait... More ewar?

To stop ewar you bring sensor amps and eccm.

That's not the counter that the "active pvpers" use. It's typically more chameleons and vagabonds.

Quoting this for prosperity. Try flying with the guys who win the fights and tell me what the fits are, quit hanging around in cap injected ewars.