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I think Rowboat is on the right path..... Shut it down upgrade the graphics and engine.... Come on tiles dictate robot size. Bla bla bla its always the engine's fault with the devs. The list of horrible horrible patches goes on for as long as I've played the game. I remember when perp was a fun smaller alternative to EVE. Now its a dumpster dive outdated game with good mechanics. GL,.

Shut the server off update the graphics and Engine. Go with a kick-starter for PERP 2 and get some backers and some $$$$$ (not hard names in game like mods or mechs names for backers). Make some good decisions with ADVERTISEMENT. Hire some kids from University that need to have programming and coding  projects on their Resumes. If it was hard there wouldn't be so many *** games on steam. greenlite! on Steam go for a big Release date with lots of ADVERTISEMENT on EVE based sites, RPS and a few other gaming sites would be perfect.

They could if they really recommitted to it they could have a Perp 2 server with a new engine and tons of money from backers in 2 years easy.

Yes no me but ok what ever! roll Or Kanogi or Sharkwolf!!!! With out us 62nd was just Balf.

Edit: Mara Kaid.....  PVP tournament runner.

Line wrote:

those assaults will take their niche. you will see.


Zoom nice work on the blogs great effort.

Only down side I'm  seeing is AC inability to use a buff batt instead of the nerf batt. I congratulate you on the wasp buff that's a step in the right direction. I like your thinking of single class balancing and I hope you look at cross class balanced  buffs and nerfs in the end. I'm  not  asking for assaults to solo heavies but I want to have the choice to engage or not and not get one shot. Please look deeper at the hit size mechanics vs alpha strikes of heavies on assaults, as fun as it is to one-shot assault classes it shouldn't  happen to vets or noobs alike.


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Im still waiting on a big patch that makes me really happy. Like more bots or even splitting the classes a bit like a masker bonus version a dps bonus version. Something to add flavor, balancing seems very broken. The dev's who themselves admit to not playing the game fell in to the trap of listening to the player base, which self admitted is toxic and selfish. 

I think zoom and co made a big step at telling the playerbase fu after the big rebalance patch. But looking at the big pic it likely alienated the rest of the on the fence players. Most of my green pilot friends left for good after that patch.

Stepping forward devs need to keep putting patchs out and using database info for rebalancing leaving selfish player opinions out. Putting up votes for game play changing mechanics would likely help in the short term.


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Jita its clear he wants cake and he wants to eat it now. I just made an alt to test all this.... Will let you know my out come soon tm. He already seems a beasty assault pilot with 300k ep and the nasty spark can fit all t4 easily. Hope he gets his first kill soon.


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People get muted in ts for such blasphemy


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On steam, if you need a new addiction buy it. First game in a long time that I played 5 hours straight amd forced myself to stop. Had tetris-effect that night while I slept. First game in a long time that I happily restarted to simplify or correct my layout. There are already mods made for it, big one is Bob's mod, people compare it to tekkit vs vanilla mc.

Jita wrote:

Since there has never been a successful frontal assault on a gamma ever why not.

Where were you when Peanut took the HUN (island) base.... oh you were on break or something.

you forgot only able to receive local reps and e-war immune


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Line wrote:
Jita wrote:

I agree in principle that the speed between classes isn’t enough.

My main issue isn’t with the base speeds however but is with plates. For some reason they give you more armor AND a demob resistance and in my opinion that is completely the wrong way around. Why are we rewarding people twice? Adding plates should make you MORE at risk from demobs.

I suggest giving a base resistance to demob for all Mechs and Bots with assaults able to fit a frame and still be mainly demob resistant and other mechs and bots having varying degrees of Impact. Adding plates would make you less demob resistant meaning that you can choose a better tank but have the risk of getting pinned down because of that. This would make kiting with long range fits more viable, boost greens who don’t use plates as much and overall reduce tanks making smaller bots and mechs a more viable alternative.

But isn't LWF completely reversal to that andpenalize you twice aswell? I mean, you have less HP and less demob resistance.

I would remove demob resistane/penalties from LWF/plates completely, added some base value to all bots depending on their class/type and then probably add some new module that increases your demob resistance and only that. Like, you either fast, tanky or demob resisted. then probably add 2 demob tuners module that increases either range or strength at a cost of consumed energy increased or sorta.

How about this?

both good ideas

Problem I have with current set up is plate and frame should cancel each other out but they don't you gain from both and reduce the drawback of both to a minimum.

Frame only fits crawl when demobbed but can normally avoid demobs by using speed.
Plate only fits just walk through it

Plate + Frame gets speed bonus from frame and demob resistance from plate.

Frames are unique items why not plates? Why not add a 3rd fitting requirement weight, Weight of bot in direct relation to speed of bot. With a cap on weight and relative skills to lighten load or load-bearance, could go further and factor in cargo items in to speed reduction with haulers getting a bonus to haul weight.


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Chemist wrote:

I have another question: Why do they whine and ask to change the mechanics of SAP, if they are able to come in and grab them. The habit of whining about everything?

Only time i ever asked for a direct sap change was adding more hp to destro and making it impossible for a sequer with plasma bombs and plates to do it solo.


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Jita wrote:

Which means what? Attempt to lock the games outposts and push everyone to alpha? More of the same PofE who by the way have more people than the rest of the server combined and always has.

I answered the question. I don't care about NER, they hate us. I care about your restless need to destroy the game and it's balance. Its unjustifiable.

I dropped in on CIR ts as I still have a 77th TS tag. Man this is ridiculous to hear as an outsider.
A. Jita wants 3 sided server, Server was basically 3.5 sided with NSE, PoE, Joke/NSE (nappish).
B. Jita preaches for days that 3 sided war is working when minimal people from PoE were just ninjaing saps.
C. Few PoE people show up and start winning a few saps, KKO drops below 50% Jita and Joke immediately spin cycle that Poe is a scourge and must not own a station or island shows up for sap defence.
D. Server is back to 2 sided Jita siting that PoE forced his hand. Where did they Jita why would you make it a 2 sided war? When as seen DOY has NER allies and when they showed up PoE lost fights or ran like ***.

My Questions are
1.Joke why do you feel your hand was forced? What would be wrong with PoE holding a station if they could hold one as long as it was a 3 sided war.
2.Line why do you need help from Joke and why would you accept it?

Jita wrote:

If someone has the power to camp you in they have the power to lock you out. How is dealing with campers worse than not bieng able to access your stuff or do any industry?

Of course people will create ambushes - people can do that without station access on teleports, with login traps, using masked lights to watch. The negatives exist they are just outweighed by the positives.

You sir were never around for the true station games of 62nd/ cir. There were days where off tz waited for tz players to come rescue them from stations. 2 heavys can camp a station for hours with no problems.

Stupid cellphone double post

Add this to the list of knee jerk reactions

Zoom off topic can we change the harvesting missions to non production related plant matter. Turning in plants that are needed for production has caused the already screwed market in to mayhem. I wont even start to mention the inflation that won't be fixed soon

ShowBlink wrote:

Change: Reduced the NIC cost of black robots to 2,500,000,000 in Syndicate Supplies.
LOL im too fast mad

get yo $ back bro!!!!


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Perpetuum wrote:

You want to know what is wrong with this game and why no one plays.

Its this ***.

People have to come begging to everyone else crying not to shoot.

Years ago it was Ville. Now its Jita.

No its dumb forum alts like you trolling around every post. Toxic community.


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Plates and frames shouldnt mix.... evasive and plate shouldn't mix either

Sometimes I really think you miss the entire point!

A. Farm tokens by doing combat missions on beta using a field terminal.
B. Get done farming and try to figure out what to do you have loot galore from doing combat missions, and a 50-60U haul of tokens.
C. Log in hauler alt move all your stuff back to a station or out post

X. we wanted the game to cater more to newer players. Yes they won't have the amount of loot or tokens a vet would have they still won't be able to move all there newly acquired trashed mods or shiney tokens with out training up hauler skills or using an alt. Which if I remember from my EVE times was the very first reason I made an Alt account not just an alt toon was to haul stuff.

Annihilator wrote:

you can buy your bot on the same island you get the tokens for it, can't you?
whats the excessive hauling for? roll

People like you who just do missions on alpha till they need that last few percentage then go out to beta 1 hour of missions nets ~2k or more tokens at lvl 3 and 4 how will you move them back to alpha? Or better question how will you get them from field term to outpost or station after mission. Starting to get zoomitis and not play the game either whinylator?


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Probes.... already abused by alt corp users.

To balance them they should be limited to beta outpost holders and same rules as walls should apply imo (the 100 from this 200 from that BS) limit them to maximum 4 per station or 10 total if all stations owned.

Perpetuum wrote:

Uh. No.

Still cheating, still exploiting, still gaming the system.


Someone is mad they didn't get a beta station in there can while lagging the server doing 140 beacon full burn. The looting ans prep took longer that the burn. Btw we were doing 1st stars because higher beacons ran risk of despawn due to higj armor. But you knew that. After we collected loot we repaired/recycled to get the refined mats back to continue production.  Running mining missions with spark teleport was prob close to exploit. You s,tp to all beta stations grabbed all mining missions 5 which were just scanning the same 2 ores and the othets were mine those 2 ores. I could do 8 missions in under 5 mins if the ore spawns were in my favor. I learned this or most of the mission stuff from nebs. Not peanut. So continue to cry like a girl.

I need a few black arbs yarr

Would prob lose the first one pretty quick.