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I've started to compile data on mass and top speed for each of the bots, and deriving a formula to calculate the top speed for any given mass. So far, I am limited to bots in my own faction, so it will be great if you guys could add your data to this thread. It seems like the actual calculation is based on a 6th degree polynomial, so I think compiling this data for everyone will be for everyone's benefit!!!

You can view the current spreadsheet here: … y=CO6ym7EJ

I will update it with new information whenever I get it

Thanks all

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Re: Top Speed Calculator

Sorry, I can't seem to figure out how to allow access to individual cells to input in mass...:/

I'll put up the formulas for you guys to see how it works:
y=7.79749035E-22*B3^6 - 3.6115238949027E-17*B3^5 + 7.08194211183306E-13*B3^4 - 7.62986494087258E-09*B3^3 + 0.0000488805438813271*B3^2 - 0.186898256094663*B3 + 397.18944758319


Arkhe mk2 (more data needed)
y=5.10722916057842E-12*B5^4 - 6.69642439690175E-08*B5^3 + 0.00031152736379296*B5^2 - 0.608570535414496*B5 + 497.969904179514

Re: Top Speed Calculator

This is what I got. It's pretty straight forward i think, also worked well for my waspish, and troiar, though haven't checked with any other bots.

speed= [rbs*(1+nLvL*0.03)+(rm-(lwf/100)*rm)*0.02]-SUM(mass) *0.02

rbs- robot base speed
nLvL - navigation extension level
rm - robot mass without any eq or modification
SUM(mass)- it's the mass of all your equipment without the robot
lwf- lwf % modifier 20% = 20

If it's incorrect feel free to correct it:)

Have fun!

Re: Top Speed Calculator

Hm, my formula is really simple and works at least for industry and blue robots:
Speed = (Base Mass/Actual Mass) * Base Speed * (1 + Bonus from Navigation)

Base Mass is the mass of a robot with no added modules. (Ex.: Sequer = 10500)
Actual Mass is the mass of the robot with added modules.
Base Speed is the speed of a robot with no added modules. (Ex.: Sequer = 43.2)
Bonus from Navigation as float. (Ex.: 18% Speed Bonus -> insert 0.18)

PS: Lightweight frames only reduce the robots frame mass. So with a LWF the actual mass is base mass * (1 - LWF reduce) + weight of modules.