Topic: Standalone Server: Facilities unavailable

When running the standalone server, all facilities are unavailable or bugged.

All testing done in tutorial environment or Asintec Alpha base.

1. Unable to use mouse to click on facilities under submenu.
2. Looking at information on the base, the facilities section shows a 12% tax rate, but has no information on the type of facilities present or their bonuses.
3. After binding keys to access the various facilities (factory, refinery, etc) pressing the key will activate the facility.
3a. Factory appears to work.  I took a production mission, gathered the materials and dragged the CT into the factory.  I was able to build the item, but the mission did not detect the
3b. Refinery appears to work.
3c. Recycling window opens via keybind or via right clicking an item and selecting "Recycle" but the window does not populate with any items (you cannot actually recycle anything)
3d. Repair: like Recycle, the window opens, but does not populate, thus you cannot actually repair anything.
3e. I have not tried testing CT or Prototyping due to lack of materials to test with.