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Topic: Annoucing: Red vs. Blue!

Note: there is no formal affiliation with EvE RvB, we are only applying a similar Player-controlled PVP system in another environment.

Hello denizens of Nia,
We would like to announce the formation of a Red VS. Blue player organization to create fun and fair fights!
Many know in open-pvp sandbox games, numbers can often decide the battle.  Camps are no fun.  Content-denial of any kind is fun-denial, and damages the health of any MMO.
We propose a RvB system to provide a better alternative to the status-quo!

Do you find yourself daunted or unwelcome by the big veteran PVP corps and could not get into PVP-zones:
Join us!
Are you tired of not being able to find a fair fight:
Join us!
If you haven't played because you did not know if there was an opportunity like this:
Join us!
Are you a veteran that doesn't want to mess up their precious kill ratio.. and finds that they are no longer having fun:
Start a new account and Join us!

We are all doing it!  Shed the bitterness and legacies of the pvp-feuds of old and embrace the game for what it was meant to be: fun!
Fight for glory!
Fight for Lols!
Fight for the ***!

Join RvB chat in-game.
Send applications to either:
REDFED - Red Federation
BLUREP - Blue Republic

Glory awaits you!

----------What is RvB?--------------
RvB is an arranged PVP agreement between two in-game player-corporations where players fight each other on two sides, Red or Blue.

----------Current Implementation and Rules--------------
The initial phase will take place on one Beta island, and each corporation will have one outpost at opposite ends of the island and will fight for control over one in the middle.
Fights will be balanced by players by ensuring roughly equal numbers are present on either team.  Other bespoke arrangements (like bot-class, or disallowed fittings/modules) can be agreed upon, but are not required.
Full Rules document available https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VID … sp=sharing
Bottom-line: simple balanced fights, otherwise total open pvp.

----------Purple Status--------------
If other player corporations choose to fight any RvB player or attempt to take Beta outposts, RvB rules switch to Purple mode.  Red and Blue teams will squad up and fight the 3rd party.

In-game Chat: RvB
RvB Discord: https://discord.gg/F2cCHr