Topic: A Central Island: let the players build it

This has been proposed a number of times but hope to re-frame the implementation strategy to make it more appealing to quickly integrate into the game.  The biggest drawback from what I could read is dev-time sculpting a new island or dealing with hardpoints, like assignments etc..
This proposal avoids that, and using existing Gamma island maps, only with repainting Red no-build-zones, or local rule changes to prevent some, most, or all Gamma building constructions.

Proposal is as follows:
Wouldn't it be nice if there was a central passage between all of the islands, a place that provides faster routes, with risk of pvp or Red NPC's.  A place where fledgling corps or pirates can set up a staging area and gank passersby?
Introduce a central Gamma island with restricted building, or more red zones to form safe passages through the island. 
If possible, either: restrict any turret construction.  Or just restrict to standard main terminals.

It is essential to provide a stepping stone for Gamma like this.  Many come and go from this game with the promise of base-building and terraforming and literally never see it.  Give them a dedicated sandbox to play in with lower risk and easier access, all the while providing critical player-mobility infrastructure to the game-world making it feel(and be) more connected so that players may find eachother and interact (you know.. like in an MMO)

In summary,
+Faster travel cross faction
+Easier access to Gamma content
+More PVP
+More access to high-end PVE (Level 3 taps, red npcs)
+Gamma island with more churn; less stagnant land holding.

Questions for Devs:
Is it possible to create a rule set, by island, or reclassified island type, to allow building and terraforming but prevent only some types of building? Specifically turrets, or anything else.
How much time would you budget for recycling and connecting an old gamma into the current world map?
Is there time to get it in before the Steam Sale ~June 22? big_smile

Great idea right? Yeah, awesome.
Cool! So simple plan: release Perpetuum Eplison Frontier on June 22nd, population surges, crowd goes wild, so much income, game so popular, everyone loves the Devs, very win, much internet.:D

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Re: A Central Island: let the players build it

I offered to spend time to work on island designs even if it was on the test server and just message zoom to save it til they could look over it.

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Re: A Central Island: let the players build it

Oh I was trying for something more simple than that XD
Just a Gamma island that players can build the Highway network, etc. 

However I do also like your idea (more).  I know there exists some dev-client that can generate the in-game content, doing all the tedious tasks like painting tile attributes, and placing models etc.
I think, given the way things are going, bringing GM's or player-volunteers to pick up some slack and generate content (outside of in-game player actions) I think is becoming increasingly necessary...

The question is if the Dev's are willing to open that up to someone or anyone. lot's of trust involved, unless there can be some process to evaluate changes made before they go live.  Like you say, using the test server.

That's a win-win for everyone.