Topic: Diablo III Down - Looking in On Perpetuum

And I see all the max-tuner fits are no longer usable.  I saw BeastMode's fit DB here in forums - many max-tuner fits in there...

So, where are the latest hot builds/load-outs that conform to the "diminishing returns" stated in the patch notes???

Did they ever fix the aggro issue?  Last time I logged in for some PvE, my follow bot (Riveler Mk II ) aggro-ed the whole field by activating a remote AR repper and was destroyed in seconds - no way for my combat bot to regain aggro...

So this time, before I enter the wild and woolly wilderness, I need some updated info.

Thnx in advance for for your help!

Re: Diablo III Down - Looking in On Perpetuum

Full tunings fits are possible, but depends on the weapon system.  Missile and Firearms have the lowest base accum cost, so the stacking penalties don't accumulate over a recharge rate (depending on fit and bot type of course).
The 3rd patch introduced this, but kept the dmg modifiers the same.  then the last patch balanced these (a bit) and added a huge boost to dmg modifiers.  So full dps fits are very viable (even if they drain the bot).  So you could go with a nuke-alpha strike bot w/ energy injection or energy logi.  Could be a brutal squad setup if there were enough online to test it out. 

For indy, same concept, you want to use T1 smalls with near full T4 recharger fits to run full tuning fits. 
See: … g-balance/  for my critique.

PVE aggro groups were patched a long time ago (circa random assignments/field terminal update).  I think most agree it was silly you could just cherry pick bot aggro out of the same spawn group.  PVE was too easy.
Good news now is you can land so much dps you can wipe any ewar out in a spawn, and kill the spawn itself in a few volleys.

Soloing most static spawns is trivial with the right fits.