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Topic: little tweaks with great impact, at least for me

Hi zoom
since you are tweaking balance and such stuff from time to time
are there any plans to tweak the visuals a bit more then just color filters?

i would have loved to use reshade for nicer looks, maybe some DoF or such things, but nothing has worked except changing everything into rainbowcolors.
and even when it didn't do that - the Perp-engine doesn't use z-Buffer at all

thats going offtopic.

my question is - would it be hard to tweak the **** camera to not be blocked by your own robot when you zoom in?
if you can't code a propper camera, can you at least make the robot fade out from view?

oh, and if you're at it, make your own robot not be a valid target to be clicked by yourself (i think it still does that)

*edit: oh, reshade now works, but still anything but color filters or AA wont work*

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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