Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-11-08

i would suggest more cpu and the cargo space is horrendous.

Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-11-08

Ludlow Bursar wrote:
Rovoc wrote:

Thoughts on the Hermes:  Not enough cpu to effectively run a speed nexus.  Biggest limiting factor is the cargo size.  If i had to run around and grab 1 or 2 artifacts and head back this bot would be awesome.  However, if you're looking for a long session of being out on gamma i wouldn't recommend.  I would use this bot if this were prepatch and i didn't have enough ep to max geoscanning.  Doesn't come anywhere near an artifacting sequer.

To make this a true artefact specialist I would suggest applying a bonus to artefact popping range such that with full extensions one could pop a level 3 from, say, 100m and a level 1 from, say 200m.

QFT, but... i said that like 100 times alread< since argano got that useless scan range bonus

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Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-11-08

Just @ Game?