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I don't know if I should have been surprised or not, however, when leveling Optimized Shield Usage, the CPU only decreases on the shield itself, not the Shield Hardener ... why?

There are other odd things that don't lower fitting requirements when you look that.  Optimized Engineering doesn't lower the CPU usage of the ... oh heck I can't remember what it was, but it seemed like it should since it's an engineering item .. bah!

If I stumble upon it i'll post it.  If anyone else happens to know what item's don't that seem like they should be please toss it (them) out there.


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Re: Optimized Shield Usage

having tunings beeing affected by those extensions is relatively new.
it wasn't changed for all of them

it has something to do with the idea that some items are considered "to strong" by the DEVs and then they tried to balance it by making the attributes fixed.

as you can see, that didn't work out, as there are nearly no limits to fit a robot fully T4, having it still accumulator stable while alphastriking everything away.

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Re: Optimized Shield Usage

Yea, I thought it was tunings ... but i'm not sure.  Ofc, if I strip down my bots and try to rebuild them I can't guarantee i'd find the other items that weren't linked to what we might consider appropriate Extensions. 

I'll just have to get prototypes ... more prototypes ... geeze.  It's all about the CPU ain't it?  lol

There is room to add more Extensions and items yet ... like cargo expanders ... higher level Tech items ... Higher level Bots ... larger bots ... more specialized bots ... bla bla bla


Re: Optimized Shield Usage

Ensi. Stop flood with topics. Why you not play the game and then start to appear here and you want to change the parameters of the game? Play or leave!