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Topic: Ikarus, Vektor, Locust

Please dont nerf or change Ikarus - Leave as it is - as it is awesome! Increase its price vastly tho. I must say that "dedicated exploration robot"(which is Hermes) has got quite some competition. But with current artifact reseting system all it needs is doubling the geoscanner artifact charges range to win over any competition for artifact hunting.

  Vektor and Locust judging by the number of head and leg slots are same as MK1 robots of other factions. Who pilots MK1 nowadays? They're cheap that is right - but it makes them a bad investment for a t4 set - I would prefer any mk2 of any other faction. I tried to come up with any decent fits for them but they all pale in comparison to mk2. I tried using the Vector for scouting but when I deployed it with just the LWF and saw 149kph the bot went back into terminal and more viable option was choosen (any other light combat robot mk1 or mk2).
Were they intended to be just MK1 and weakest of them all? Why?

    Syndicate bots as they are now dont really fit into PvP meta: Slowest bots have best range, fastest bots have least range. Now comes syndicate who are slower and less range. Slow robots will not be used for soloing and robots with short range will not be used in larger engagements. They need something to make up for that.

    Increase their base speed.
    Add an extra head and leg slot to them. Increase the syndicate extension lvl required to that of MK2 version.
    Separate 30% firearms damage into 10% firearms damage 20% damage
    Vastly increase their price (I would suggest 10 to 20 times more).
    We would have then going from longest range and slowest speed: Pelistal -> Thelodica -> Nuimqol -> Syndicate. Do not fear syndicate would become overpowered - lower leg slot count makes them struggle for HP and demob res and shield tanking an autocannon combat bot eliminates the rate of fire advantage. So its ok if they are the weakest as long as they are the fastest.

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Re: Ikarus, Vektor, Locust

ok, i have stopped after "dedicated exploration robot" for "ikarus"... because its a dedicated transport bot.

the dedicated exploration robot is the "Hermes", assault class, and not released yet.

(i somehow feel reiminded of someone saying that the kain is a dedicated second row artillery mech)

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Re: Ikarus, Vektor, Locust

You should try using it before making snippy comments Anni. Its going to be better than the Hermes because its faster. Speed = efficiency

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Re: Ikarus, Vektor, Locust

well, you don't know yet what the hermes will have for you, especially since the argano already has the artifact scan range bonus.

i can imagine at least two bonuses that would make it a better artifactor for me that are not related to its own driving speed. And if i think more about it... i can come up with even more.

but you are right... its not me doing those... we are talkign about DEV Zoom here tongue

but that doesnt change the fact that its a dedicated transport bot, not a dedicated artifacter.

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Re: Ikarus, Vektor, Locust

Put Hermes into "dedicated exploration robot" place. Next sentence will make more sense then too.