Topic: more extensions: order pricepoint resetting

EP is given out like candy.  To my understanding the EP changes had the main goal of making it possible to "catch up" from a behind EP standpoint to vet plahyers that are ahead in EP. While pouring EP like water makes everybody equivalently abundant in it I am worried that its now somewhat within reach to actually fill your EP bucket.

I am concerned that at some point EP faucets might need to be moderated. But then I figured that more EP sinks would make the "EP bucket bigger". So I figured I start suggesting extensions where ever they make most sense and some places where they don't.

Economic extensions were already quite cheap and now in comparison they are almost trivial. The category "Finances" could use some elaboration. Now markets like everybody being able to participate. That means it not taht good to be very exclusionary with these.

However I have found one gripe which I think can be addressed with a new extension. All most all of Nian trade needs you to be physically present at the trading location at some point or another. However once an order has been placed it is possible to change its pricepoint remotely. There is only a 10 minute delay on redoing this. This delay is a good minimuym amount on that entering a price means some people can feasibly accept it and as a kind of safe guard in changing the price in between a customer attracted to a low price and consenting to accept the order price (alledgedly there is activity in eve where zeroes get added clandestinely and swiftly).

However there is atleast some goods where there is competition to beat the others demand price by only a couple of cents. In these kinds of contests whoever checks and updates their demand order the most often has the upper hand.

So to make this activity have more sense I could see some additional restrictions:
-make a spatial requirement to be somewhere near the terminal where the order is located (maybe scale with extension level?)
-make a temporal requirement to have to wait significant delay over and above on what is technically required. That is one system could be to have an extension that enables one to change a price point once per day or even once per week to at lvl 10 be back to 10 minutes like it works now.
-associate some kind of fee with this activity that is reducible with extensions (adding 0.01 NIC to a price is somewhat stupid)
-Make a limit on how many item categories price you can fluctuate per day/refresh interval similar to the limit on available orders. For example if you have orders for a spesific product on all central alpha terminals that would eat up 8 such slots if you want to constantly keep your price as being the top offer everywhere. If you want two products that would eat 16 slots but with the same slot count you could have 4 products in half of them etc.

Also an empowerement: Why demand orders accept changes in pricepoint but not in amount to buy? Make it possible to change.

I don't know whether the actual sales on the market are public information or not. The identities of the buyer and seller are not and there is aggregate data on trade volumes and pricepoints. However there could be something to having an ability to monitor a product and a get a listing or ping every time that product is traded. This could give a picture on how much other orders are "shadowing" your order by being the preferable ones (but they end because of running out of nic or you updating your price). How many products one could monitor in such a way and in how any terminals could have extensions associated with them.

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Re: more extensions: order pricepoint resetting

I agree with Rolafen here.  As the current system stands it is not fair and is broken.
There needs to be risk reward measure here as well. 
If you can cancel order remotely, no risk at all, change price remotely, no risk at all it is pure reward.
At least add some extensions so players have to do something for that.
We are after all trying to get more players to go to Beta in game?!?! 

In addition to replying to his post I would like to also suggest adding new extensions for industry.
The post heading was more extensions. 
Specifically remote factory. 
Let me clarify.  I would love to be able to remotely start another batch of ammo, currently running 15 lines in the factory at 20 runs each if I am in the field and it ends.  Instead of having to come back and restart it manually.  That too me would be a good extension to spend all these extension points on as well.  Especially if I am on another island.  I understand that this seems to be the same problem now as the price system Rolafen is talking about.
I am saying you can add it and add extensions to use it at same time.
The materials are there in the factory, the CT is in the production line.  The only thing would be to add extensions where I can do it remotely as well.
Same could be done for CT and Prototyping remotely.
All of these would be valuable enough skills to spend EP on.