Topic: Syndicate Shop Small Module Costs

Why do medium and small modules cost the same for T2+/T4+?
I think smalls should be at least half the cost (5/10k tokens t2+/t4+).

Other modules too may need to be somewhere between this small-med range.

@devs, would you have some numbers on how many purchases have been made of what items?  What does it tell you?

Anyway, small tweak to consider when you are pricing out the new bots in the Syn Shop as well.

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Re: Syndicate Shop Small Module Costs

Yes that is should be intented.

I think the overall module cost is way too high. Depends even when you need 10-20 module / robot.

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Re: Syndicate Shop Small Module Costs

This is an easy fix:
Cut costs of small modules in half.

It makes no sense medium t4+ weapon costs the same as a small t4+.