Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-06-24

Goffer wrote:

Please do a n emergency hotfix for the EP patch now, not this evening, not monday. You get  by far too much EP, 125.000 EP in less than 12h is the highest number Ive heard, but I see smaller numbers that were still factors higher than it should

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Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-06-24

Leary wrote:

Again terrible balance...

But I bought a new guitar so I'm happy.

Cheers everyone, good luck Zoom, good bye Perpetuum smile

Balance? big_smile big_smile big_smile

GL. sad

Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-06-24

imho the only thing that is wrong is EP for doing AFK stuff
i mean... a single red roaming npc would be enough to deal with that.

i am not sure about the ep numbers given. i get ~27% and only need to kill 4k t2 npcs to gain a years worth ep.

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Re: Scheduled server downtime - 2016-06-24

6 months of waiting for this is just too long for most people who buy games on steam and expect them to be updated.

I'm sorry but you have a severe case of too-little-too-slow. hmm

I can't think of anyone in my alliance nevermind my guild who would care about EP enough to come back. I guess it could be handy for our Ictus pilots, but they burned their bridges with Perp after the "balance" patch.