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Topic: Combat agent looking for a beta island corp

So I'm bored sitting on Alpha 2 doing the same missions over....and over.  I've been in pretty much 1 other corp for the last month.  It closed then re-opened its previous corp...I really don't know what the CEO did. He moved his *** from one to the other I think.  Now, literally nobody logs on.  So, I'd like to experience PVP on beta, and missions.  I'm nearly up to lvl 6 combat missions with Asintec. I really don't want to go to a blue or green island and have to start over. So i'm looking for a yellow corp.

Like I said, I'd like to eventually experience beta and gamma but don't want to just roam around by myself.  I pretty much just farm for money every time I log on and its getting mind numbing at this point. I can drive heavy mech's pretty well and mk2 mech's.

I have 325k ep at the time of this writing.