Topic: The Last of its kind!

Not many people still have arkhe mk2 just laying around I have one collecting dust as its slowly becoming a relic of old times.

The fact that there are 6 on the market for 100mil each, shows me that other people are of the same mindset.

My Idea is to bring them back but with vengeance. They are obviously the only bot to survive the dreaded re-balance. So here's my thoughts on this dying breed of bot.

  • Make them player producible at very low costs(this needs to be priority)

  • Give them meaning full bonuses (demob res, Locking range and speed, Damage pure damage bonus, optimal range, Signal detection and accu recharge)

  • add an extra head, leg and turret/missile/misc slot

  • Increase/decrease their hard stats like speed, hitsize, cpu, accu cap.

  • Last but not least if you make them a viable player built item remove the dumb interference with the mk2 versions

Participate, Congratulate cause everything else will be seen as HATE.
Max yellow max all skills lvl 10 min max for the win

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Re: The Last of its kind!

Lol. I have 2 I think, somewhere.

Also, the Arkhepocalypse was underrated neutral

Population graphs

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Re: The Last of its kind!

Energy to Earth!

18.01.2014. [12:57:58] <BeastmodeGuNs> after that i remembered all those warning about 1v1 you lol, and i found out why xD

Re: The Last of its kind!

You can have one in old training mission storyline, which is available. Or at least it was so a couple of months ago.
The trick is, one time per character.

But still, +1