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Topic: 3rd beta island

Can we add 3 beta islands one for each faction so that they can link all the factional betas.

Doesn't have to have advanced highways etc. Just put an island between each beta cluster to bridge the gap. Going to alpha to get to beta from beta is silly.

Re: 3rd beta island

If not a beta then another gamma. Gamma might be better

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What do you mean "bring back 3 beta islands"? we've only ever had 2 betas per faction?

True Pros make a Podcast to influence the Devs minds, 
The rest of you guys are Hacks tongue

PS. I got my Highways & stopped playing b4 they came in & have never used them! ...... Irony much ? tongue

Re: 3rd beta island

fixed op. I thought it was a ring of beta before gamma.